Present and past wrapped in Saint-Emilion

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Visualize your way through the greatness of one of history’s most celebrated eras as France’s Saint-Emilion, along with its famous winery industry, welcomes you to a medieval backdrop which is different from the usual recreational places modern world has shaped.

If going to theme parks isn’t your cup of tea, then be a little more intimate with the past by paying a visit to this town that offers irresistible scenery and enticing food selection from its restaurants found within.


The ‘wine town’ of France can be found around 22 miles away from Brodeaux and is located between Libourne and Castillon-la-Bataille.

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Approximately, less than 70% of the city’s land area is occupied by wine-producing communes. Being one of the oldest wine-producing towns in the region, Saint-Emilion has managed to hold a reputation of creating some of the world’s best wines. No wonder it is recorded to make around 2.4 million cases in a year on average.


Due to its proximity to the Atlantic region, Saint-Emilion has maritime climate characterized by mild winters, warm summers and sunny autumns. The weather in this town is very crucial as it will dictate the kind of grape harvest they will have in a year.

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The driest month is July while the wettest is December. The warmest days typically happen in August while January is the coldest.


The hilly town can be reached by riding a train from Bordeaux. Travel time takes about 45 minutes and the train station is about one kilometer away from the town center.

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International travelers can book a flight going to Bordeaux and make some arrangements preferably via rail transit as it is the fastest mode of transportation going to the town.


Porte de la Cadène

Serving as a reminder of the past, Porte de la Cadène was a defensive wall that has now become a tourist destination.

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This defensive wall made of cobblestones and bricks will pull you back in time and make you feel as if you are breathing the same air as the locals who lived in the town centuries ago.

Saint-Émilion Wine

Saint-Emilion is known for its delectable varieties of wine. Aside from the beautiful architecture that makes up the whole place, the majority of the town is occupied by massive vineyards.

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Should you be a wine enthusiast, going here will put you in a haven as you get to have a glimpse of the actual process of producing wine.

Medieval vibe

The stone pavements and walls will make you feel as if you live in the era depicted in Romeo and Juliet or Les Miserables.



If wandering around town gets a bit tiring, you may stop and enjoy the view in one of the coffee shops. To relax, try sipping rich coffee while observing the activities of the locals.



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