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Estee Lauder might be one of the hardest to pronounce beauty brands to exist in our lifetime, but we have to admit that their reputation has gone through massive changes and beyond the incessant demands for innovation. This eponymous brand always gives its patrons something to be excited about, may it be a new shade of their trusted lipstick or a fresh revival of their nail polish colors.

Estee Lauder has established quite an impressive reach all throughout the globe, and with how things are rolling, they are definitely far from stopping. Caring for the things that meet the eye, Estee Lauder is widely known to supply beauty lines that make use of only the best ingredients, without going overboard in pricing. A majority of women around the world have come to adore and trust Estee Lauder, and their recent venture will definitely make it big in sales.

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Probably one of Estee Lauder’s loudest campaigns to date, the brand teamed up with an equally respected firm in the world of beauty and fashion which is Harper’s Bazaar. Women will be introduced to select versions of gift-with-purchase kits which are just irresistibly good.

Aside from the fact that this is a merge between two established pillars, these kits are made more special with the treatment applied to each set to be released. Hold on to your seats as Estee Lauder plans to warp us back in time by crafting cosmetic bags that are reminiscent of past icons, and these will definitely be collectors’ items as soon as they hit the stands.

Estee Lauder will showcase Harper’s Bazaar’s most celebrated magazine covers from the years 1929 until 1932, featuring icons and personas who dominated the era. It can also be remembered that it was during these years that the advent of high-fashion designers and brands was on the rise.

Brands like Chanel, Schiarparelli and Lanvin have been deemed the most famous, and Estee Lauder got everything clumped together in these gift-with-purchase kits to make us realize how fashion evolved from what it was before to how it is now. Aside from the artsy tote bags, Estee Lauder products are also contained within, making you remember the reasons why this beauty brand is revered.

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Also, Harper’s Bazaar’s current Beauty Director Alexandra Parnass put forth some beauty tips and strategies which will be included in every set purchased from Estee Lauder. Some of the products that you can find within each designed tote bag include the legendary Re-Nutriv line, your pick of lipstick, some nail polish shades and the iconic Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle scent.

If you want to be the first ones to have these coveted packs from Estee Lauder, mark your calendars as this will be released publicly on Saks Fifth Avenue and online on April 28. Take note that these gift-with-purchase kits can only be bought if you have a $35 purchase first from Saks Fifth Avenue itself.

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