Post Malone’s Small Dreams Now Becoming Reality

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Many huge names in the music industry nowadays came from the smallest beginnings. Taking advantage of technology, more and more talents are spawned through conveniently making everyone aware of them. Online streaming sites such as YouTube and SoundCloud are some channels where very talented people come to show the world how great they are without inhibitions.

The music industry has never gotten tired of skimming through millions of videos and sound clips online just to look for a potential supernova just waiting to be discovered. Perhaps you have come across Austin Post’s SoundCloud account in the last few years and noticed him but did not pay attention, until now when he’s surfing the waves of fame as if he’s been a part of it ever since.

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Now commercially known as Post Malone, Austin Post was born on born July 4, 1995 and found his ticket to fame by being prolific and active on his SoundCloud account. Hailing from the festive town of Dallas, Texas, Post Malone is one of the few artists to really watch out for this year, with his promising potential and innate talent reminiscent of the 2000s hip-hop artist league.

Many music experts and avid fans have come to love the idea of a possibly newer version of Eminem, with a fresher approach and style in hip-hop. Also a music producer, Post Malone has been active in the business for just two years and yet his climb in the music food chain is quite unstoppable.

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It can be remembered that Post Malone’s video/audio post of the track White Iverson sealed his fate to become a fixture in the modern hip-hop scene. Furthermore, he has been recruited immediately by Republic Records and his exposure to mainstream music was magnified over the next couple of months.

White Iverson is actually Post Malone’s mockery against himself, as he considers having the same physical features as the illustrious basketball player, Allen Iverson. In the first couple of weeks after the White Iverson video was posted online, a plethora of viewers cemented the concept of Post Malone being a bright star with 95 million views.

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Post Malone took the lead and used the tempo to release more songs to garner as much support as he can. He has gotten into stretching his music calisthenics with other songs released in his online music profile like Too Young, What’s Up and Tears. These follow-up singles gave him more exposure, inviting different music labels to come scrambling for a contract with him.

Post Malone finally penetrated into mainstream music and rubbed elbows with some notable artists in the field such as 50 Cent, Young Thug and even performed on the Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show.

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