Positive parenting without using the word ‘no’

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Rearing a child is a combination of sorts. The enjoyable yet challenging task of nurturing a kid to become a fully functional adult will mean facing different phases that will test every bit of your patience and understanding.

We know that little ones may have they own temper that is nerve wrecking and can test an adult’s tolerance level. Parents are just human, but do not let unnecessary tantrums get in the way of being the best parent that you can be.

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Thanks to the abundant materials about child psychology, moms and dads of today have become more equipped when it comes to understanding their adorable kids. As they say, children are not the miniature versions of an adult, which is why it is important to keep up with their development as it will pay off not only in their holistic development, but in maintaining good relationship with them as well.

Little ones can be pushy and insistent especially on things that they want. While this can test tolerance, psychologists invoke the importance of positive parenting and this includes the avoidance of using some words that connote negative responses, such as ‘no.’

The child’s mind is always curious and merely saying ‘no’ can cause unnecessary outbursts. Instead of stating this word that expresses refusal, explain to the kid why she or she cannot have or do a certain thing. Clarify the consequences of the act to let the child realize the reason behind your restriction. Make sure to keep your cool and maintain a tone of voice that doesn’t shout but still expresses firmness.

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Toddlers tend to be impulsive, which is why it is important to redirect their attention especially in times when they become incessant towards what they want. You may also resort to giving options that veer the child’s attention from his object of interest.

The process of talking and making clear can be tiring, but this will definitely lead to good communication between you and your lovable, young sweethearts.

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