Pink wrote the soundtrack for the movie ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’

Pink, soundtrack for movie Alice Through the Looking Glass (1)

The Rabbit Hole together with famous fictional characters Alice and Mad Hatter will once again open its gates on the big screen through Disney’s latest offering Alice through the Looking Glass. But before the beloved story of Alice is shown before our dreamy eyes, a catchy soundtrack would first tease us which is written by none other than Pink.

The singer of ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ is having her comeback by engaging in a project where she penned and sang the latest soundtrack for the new motion picture from the powerhouse production company, Disney. Pink has officially joined the ranks of singers like Sarah McLachlan who sang Toy Story 2’s soundtrack When She Loved Me and Frozen’s Let It Go as performed by Idina Menzel.

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A Disney soundtrack plays a big role in the success of the movie paired with it and Pink is given a chance to continue the tradition by sharing her talent in one of the most followed classics of all time.

The teasing and chasing is over as the track ‘Just Like Fire’ was officially released to grace the new Alice in Wonderland installment. Aside from the stellar cast that includes A-listers Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway, the hype and anticipation towards the movie became even more frenetic as the music video nudges us about the characters’ looks in the film. The visual appeal blended well with the song’s semi pop, semi punk vibe with a hint of rap on the side.

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Of course, the theme is all about empowerment and conquering challenges. As the movie’s general plot is about 19-year old Alice’s return and pursuit to vanquish the evil works of the Red Queen, the song’s message is tailored to the core meaning of the film. It is a tough job for our dear Alice, but we’ll let the movie do the storytelling for you all.

Pink admitted that this project is a welcome call for her. Aside from the main soundtrack, the singer was also involved with the trailer’s theme, White Rabbit.

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