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Music fanatics all over the globe have always been on the lookout for something fresh. While our preferred mainstream musicians remain the same, the feel and sound of an act that we’ve never heard before always comes as a sweet treat. Since we have been introduced to a wide array of youngsters lately, maybe it’s about time that we patronize someone more mature and skilled like Conrad Sewell.

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Hailing from the Land Down Under, Conrad Ignatius Mario Maximillian Sewell, or more popularly known as just Conrad Sewell has been dominating the airwaves since we first met him in 2012. The undeniable charisma and the concept of listening to someone ‘mature’ are what set this male singer apart from other performers crowding the music scene.

Focusing on the genres pop and soul, Conrad Sewell is a ticking bomb just waiting to explode right after he collaborated with Kygo for the infamous pop single ‘Firestone’.

Sewell entered the established school St. Laurence’s College from 1998 to 2005. With a wide array of stints and gigs in Australia, he ensured that his journey would soon be recognized by a wider audience, hence the Firestone collaboration.

Musical ingenuity has been flowing deep within Conrad Sewell’s veins since he was a kid and reports have been made that he’s been prolifically sending out demo tapes to music producers since he was 8.

Many Australians would surely remember Sewell when he tried out for Australian Idol in 2004, and unfortunately did not make the cut. His dreams of becoming huge one day never died despite this defeat and he worked harder to be included in a short-lived rock band called Sons of Midnight.

Sewell cultivated himself more and did underground recordings and garage sessions to travel to the United Kingdom, where he thought he would be accepted as an artist.

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Conrad Sewell slowly climbed the music hierarchy and worked with several famous songwriters the likes of Jamie Hartman, Sam Hollander, Eric Rosse and Brian Lee.

He then managed to release his debut single entitled ‘Hold Me Up’, which received fairly general accolades from listeners and music experts. ‘All I Know’, his first studio album, was released in November 2015 under 300 Entertainment which peaked on Australian charts at number 9.

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This feisty and resilient musician can also be remembered through his tracks such as Start Again and Who You Lovin’, both of which included on the All I Know album.

The song Start Again is his best so far, which peaked at number 1 on the Australia Hot Charts and gave him his first Platinum recognition from ARIA. Some Sewell’s other collaborations that will mesmerize you include Running Out of You with Felix Snow, Braver Love with Arty and Little Love with Killian and Jo.

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