Penticton Would Make You Beg For another Visit



Sticking to how it got its name, Penticton is sure to make you stay at this beach resort forever. Now dotted with multiple developments and slowly turning into an interesting travel destination for retirees, Penticton is sure to take your breath away through its simplicity and strong inclination to giving its visitors pleasure they’ll never forget.

Neighboring Kelowna, Penticton should have a rightful spot on your travel list as there are so many things to do in this town. Go about immersing yourself in its clandestine shores, go biking atop the numerous valleys and be in the know as you see many rising businesses looming in its vicinity.

Penticton is a way to remove you from the hassles of your daily city commute and present you with basic ways to travel, replace your processed food with the freshest catch from its waters and invite you to move away from other things that bug your helpless mind.




Covering a total land area of 42.10-square kilometers, Penticton is situated between the Okanagan Lake and the Shaka Lake, on its northern and southern edges respectively. Penticton is also known to be slightly elevated at 1,263 feet from sea level, giving its uniquely beautiful positioning on the Canadian map.

Penticton is a good five-hour trip from Vancouver and Calgary is even further at eight hours. Currently, Penticton is home to an estimated populace of 35,000 since 2011.




If you want to soak up the sun and avoid the gloom of a rainy weather, pick Penticton for your next trip. Classified to have a semi-arid climate according to the Koppen Climate Classification, Penticton is said to experience hotter summer episodes with less probability of rainfall. It has been said that this town is the fourth most arid place in the whole of Canada.

Once May kicks in, expect sweltering heat which can stretch up to November with 40.6-degrees Celsius as the hottest recorded temperature. In lieu of this, Penticton experiences a whopping amount of sunshine tracked at 1,923 hours.

Despite the fact that it’s quite humid all year round, rainfall is also expected to fall all year round, measuring about 298.5 inches of precipitation on an annual scale. Snow falls starting November and can extend until April which balances the experience of living in Penticton.




One of the main ways to get around Penticton is through the use of their train system catered by the Penticton Transit. Here, regular trips are done on a daily basis, connecting the town to different and neighboring cities via six different routes. Buses are also available 24/7 to bring you to your destination, wherever it might be within Penticton.

Since Penticton is saturated with parks and hotels, most tourists are circled around town by special services and specialized trails operated by Trans Canada Trail and the Kettle Valley Railway. At about 2.2 miles from Penticton’s center is the Penticton Regional Airport which is actually an aviation stop that will transfer you to the Vancouver International Airport.

What to See

Art Gallery of Southern Okanagan



Set in front of Penticton’s beach fronts, the Art Gallery of Southern Okanagan would make you feel that art and nature collide once you set foot inside. In this specific travel destination, you’d be able to see a wondrous collection of talents gathered from all around town, other provinces and regions, even well-known national artists through an endless and always-updated roster of acrylics, paintings and photos.

Farmers Market



You can locate Nanaimo’s Farmers Market on Gyro Street near the corner of Main Street and pick from a variety of homegrown goods and produce picked for tourists and locals. Aside from the parade of souvenirs and other goods, this place of business is sure to surprise you with delectable local food and quaint restaurants to satisfy your hunger after a long day of shopping.

SS Sicamous Inland Marine Museum



The SS Sicamous Inland Marine Museum is a previously functional passenger boat that docked permanently on Nanaimo’s shore transformed into an interesting landmark that the public can visit. Said to transport passengers from Okanagan Lake as far back as 1914, this ship was masterfully restored and refurbished as a tourist spot with all the hinges and other parts intact to be seen.



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