Pantone’s Spring Colors and the Concept of Disconnect

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To succinctly quote Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, an established company which is notorious for trendsetting specific colors or sets of hues every year, “Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves,” in relation to the recently released palettes that would dominate the world of style and fashion for 2016.

Pantone Color Institute gravitated towards colors that speak of disconnection from the seemingly addictive world of, and they wanted fashion authorities to lean on hues that are pleasing and calming to the eye. This institute has never failed in revealing trends that people should follow, and this year, the world of fashion will be rocked with a wide array of choices that are contrasting, mild and natural.

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Fashion-savvy individuals should look for colors that are unisex in concept. Colors for 2016 would break borders and go beyond societal norms on sex and gender partition.

The chosen colors of Pantone would definitely be a wild mix of reds, greens and blues, which will definitely shout creativity, optimism, comfort and downright curiosity.

Huge fashion brands and clothing companies take color seriously, as this is a vital component in ensuring that their proposed type of garment would be a success to their buyers. Color trends should be strictly met, and this has been an on-going phenomenon since time knows when.

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Some of the colors that will be prevalent this coming spring would lean on rose quartz, peach echo and serenity. These colors are soft to the vision, reminiscent of a serene sunset, a reddened cheek or a calming luminescence.

This set of colors is nominated since the colors want to provoke human beings to always go back to nature when they are tired of the chaotic present time. Serenity, specifically, would direct people into experiencing a void that would soothe the mind and calm the spirit.

On to more exciting palettes come snorkel blue, buttercup and limpet shell. Snorkel blue and limpet shell are both derived from the blue family, just revamped with more energy and life. The striking quality of the aforementioned colors would transport you to a dream vacation and being in touch with the sea.

It exudes both a very playful vibe that knows no rest, and this can definitely result in a finished fashion ensemble that’s bold yet reserved at the same time. Buttercup, on the other hand, reminds us of bright, sunny days and the refreshing heat that summer brings. Definitely a head-turning color, buttercup will give designers a joyous time of using the palette for a more exciting feel and usability.

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Some other colors that the Pantone Color Institute released include the neutral color lilac gray, which is a distinct member of the gray shade. Lilac gray will evoke the free-spirited aura that’s been lurking within you and channel out a fashion ensemble that’s plump, sleek and sharp.

Though playing within the limits of black and white, the lilac gray shades will come-off as strong and weak at the same time, certainly turning heads as you walk by. Colors iced coffee and green flash would be Pantone’s homage to nature as these colors speak of wood and flora.

The openness and risk found in both of the colors would be something that a fashion addict would be delighted to play with.

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