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Known as a biking capital, Odense’s beauty is beyond its pedestrian-friendly roads. Be acquainted with the historical landmarks and astounding surroundings that inspired the world-renowned fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

Become familiar with Denmark a little bit more by traveling to the city situated in its very heart and understand that there are some trips that only need your two feet to have absolute fun.


Odense map

(2)Odense map

Odense is the capital of Funnel Island. This is Denmark’s third largest city that covers an area of about 304.34 square kilometers.

Being the main city of the island which is situated at its northeastern center and at 17 meters above the sea level, expect businesses and a hint of modernization that mix well with the structures influenced by different phases of the early times.


Odense on a fine day

(3)Odense on a fine day

The city has temperate oceanic climate. Ideally, it is best to travel to the city between the months of July and August to see the gorgeous, beaming sun. These two months are said to have average to hot weather, which is why cold or rainy weather will not be an issue.

January and March are the months when snow can be observed. Those who have a soft spot for skiing can come here to enjoy the temperature and engage in winter activities.


Transportation in Odense

(4)Transportation in Odense

Odense Airport does not host flights to and from certain destinations. However, travelers from Italy can go here directly because it caters to some Italian cities such as Parma and Trieste. There are two other airports wherein this city can be reached.

One option would be through Copenhagen Airport which is worth a two hour trip from the city center, and the other would be Billund Airport that requires either a bus or a train ride to get to Odense. Trains are also another mode of transportation as DSB moves around major cities of the country including Odense.


Brandts Museum of Photographic Art

Brandts Museum of Photographic Art

(5) Brandts Museum of Photographic Art

The museum shows about 15,000 classical artworks both local and international. Art pieces include photographs, films and sketches that would truly satisfy the itch of any art enthusiast.

Founded in 1987, the museum is mainly focused on the photographs taken from World War II until today.

Funen’s Art Museum

Funens Art Museum

(6) Funen’s Art Museum

As one of Denmark’s oldest museums founded in 1885, this owns some of Denmark’s oldest art pieces.

Learn more about the city and the country at large by merely looking at the visuals presented in this distinguished museum.

The Funen Village

Funen Village

(7) The Funen Village

Live as if you belong to the same era as Hans Christian Andersen, Odense’s most favorite son. See the flora, raw culture and get a touch of this writer’s inspiration in stringing words for his masterpieces.

The place exhibits around 25 buildings that are mostly inspired by the 18th and 19th century.



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