Oak Park’s Grandeur can be easily connected with Hemingway


If you don’t know Ernest Hemingway, you might have been sleeping during your literature class and missed how great a writer he is. He had been one of the most prolific on his craft, and soon afterwards, Hemingway is quoted everywhere. In every legend like Hemingway comes a hometown where his talent had been nurtured and developed.

A place where the first thoughts had been formed, the first dreams realized and the first steps in living the life the way he chooses had been taken. It might have been included in Ernest Hemingway’s biographies, but Oak Town, California is more than just a passage to Hemingway’s existence.

With how well this small town adapted to United States’ incessant attempts to change and alterations, Oak Town remained to its humble roots, enjoyable city inhabitants and piled up on reasons as to why they must be a priority when visiting California.



Bordered by humongous wildlife parks and recreational patches of land, Oak Park are a city more accessible to all people residing in the state where it belongs.

To its north lies the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area and the infamous Rancho Simi Open Space at its southern end. W

ith a total land area of 5.29 square kilometers, Oak Park is also dotted with tens of creeks including the Medea Creek and Lindero Creek, which are two of the largest in the whole town.



Like the rest of Californian city, Oak Park had its hottest month in August which can have a maximum temperature of 96-degrees Fahrenheit and December as its coldest on a quick drop to 38-degrees Fahrenheit.

It is also observed the Oak Park had wetter months during winter and is tagged with a 21-inch mark on their annual precipitation. January is dubbed as the rainiest and wettest month of the whole year.


Following and riding the train system is pretty much the easiest way to get in Oak Park via the CTA Blue Line, Green Line or Metra Train. The Green Line is said to be the best form of transportation when you want to circle the town for its scenic destinations.

When getting in via air, Oak Park is conveniently situated within reach of either the Chicago O’Hare International Airport or the Chicago Midway Airport.


Once inside Oak Park, you will be thrilled to see the number of bikers dotting pedestrians and streets as it is actually advisable with the whole town to use bicycles as a convenient way to commute.

If on a huge budget and would want to get into the farthest corners of Oak Park, bear in mind two taxi companies which operates in the town—Red Cab and Blue Cab.

What to See

Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio



Aside from Hemingway, another legend lived in Oak Park, Frank Lloyd Wright. For a fee, you can have a guided tour inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s house and studio, which features details of his work on display.

Moore House


Another place worth seeing in Oak Park is also a masterpiece by Wright which is called the Moore House.

You won’t miss it while in Oak Park as you can see how the architect channeled his talent through this edifice which takes in the English manor house inspiration.

Ernest Hemingway Museum


Despite the hush-hushes about Hemingway’s feedback of his hometown, locals still managed to pay homage to the late writer by putting up a museum.

The said the museum is Ernest Hemingway’s birthplace and you can always be in the spirit with this well-celebrated writer for a fee.

Unity Temple

Unity Temple Sunday Service


Feast your eyes into more architecture and feel Wright’s talent being channeled through this building slash work of art.

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