Nobody Does French Tongue Twisters Like La Fouine

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Christmas Day is fast approaching and while everyone is on their own path into making this season as merry as possible, one talented solo artist is quite excited for his birthday celebration. Yes, you read it right, this music genius is set to spend his 34th year together with the cheers of Yuletide, and if you’re an avid fan you’d definitely associate with French soloist La Fouine.

One thing that sets La Fouine apart from the rest of the pack is his piercing eyes which are quite reminiscent of world-renowned rapper-slash-music-producer Drake. With the right physical package, the undeniable passion to entertain and his skill set deserving of the highest music pedestal, La Fouine has been making headlines all over Europe, and hopefully, all over the world.

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Born as Laouni Mouhid, La Fouine is originally of Moroccan descent, hence his overall look worthy of second glances. Confirming that this singer can do everything, he is also a renowned songwriter and rapper, as well as the sole of owner of Banlieue Sale Music, where he is currently signed up with.

Aside from being a superstar, La Fouine is also a respected businessman who owns his own line of clothing called ‘Street Swagg’, which is a French staple for young urban professionals and those who simply love to dress-up.

Focusing on French hip hop, La Fouine has been present since 2001, garnering quite a significant following in and out of Europe. He is also a talent of Sony Music France, which is the reason why he’s getting all the attention that he deserves. La Fouine is also translated as ‘the Weasel’ in the English language, and many associate this to the singer’s humble beginnings and ambitions in his musical career.

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Throughout his career, La Fouine managed to release a series of relevant albums and tracks that certified him as an established name in French rap. Spearheading his discography is his first album entitled ‘Bourre au Son’, which pegged on the California music style.

Released 2005, La Fouine and this album were a lethal combination for the birth of the singer’s ultimate fame alongside carrier tracks such as L’unite and Quelque chose de special, which both received positive accolades from his target French audience.

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In between studio albums, La Fouine is quite prolific with releasing mixtapes like ‘Planete Trappes’ and ‘Planete Trappes Volume 2’, which significantly made the preceding albums all the more attractive to the music market. The next albums crafted by La Fouine included ‘Aller-Retour’, which is certified Gold and was released in March 2007, ‘Mes Reperes’ which got a Platinum, La Fouine vs Laouni which was extremely marketable and got a Double Platinum in 2011 and the recent ‘Drole de parcours’, which careened a Platinum in 2013.

Some of the most infamous tracks by La Fouine are Tombe pour elle, Papa, J’avais pas les mots and Ma meilleure—all of which placed well within the Top 20 spots of several French music charts. As expected, La Fouine is regarded well by award-giving bodies such as the MTV Europe Music Awards by where he was hailed as 2011’s Best French New Artist.

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Other citations and accolades include the Victoires de la Musique where he was nominated three times, the L’annee du Hip Hop where he got three nominations for Best Rap Artist, Best Album and Best Track, and lastly for the Trace Urban Music Awards in 2013 where he bagged Best Male Artist, Best Collaboration and Best album for Drole de parcours.

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