Nis, with its pavements of past meets present

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Crossroads are usually a destination of confusion but not in Nis. This old city served as a gate between the West and the East and has seen the progress of time from the lavish medieval period until the present time.

Witness the footprints left by the previous era and admire the beauty and grandeur through the structures and ruins found in this beautiful city.


The city of Nis is found in Serbia. This is the country’s third largest city located in southern part of the country. The city plays an important role not only in history, but in the field of commerce as well. Key industries include electronics, tobacco and textiles.

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The total land area spans 597 square kilometers and has been a cradle of ancient civilization ever since ancient times. Nis is the birthplace of one of the history’s most important figures, Constantine the Great.


Tourists can ideally travel between the months of May and September as these have average temperature.

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The warmest month is July while the coolest is January. June is considered as the wettest month and August is the driest.


Nis can be reached by international travelers via the Constantine the Great Airport. International flights are not rampant, which is why tourists may choose to get to other famous European cities like Forli and Podgorica, which in turn have constant flights going to Nis.

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The city can also be reached via international trains found in Greece, Slovenia and Montenegro.


Skull Tower

This served as a warning against any uprisings that the Serbians planned against the Ottoman Empire. Serbian rebels were punished by Serbian guards by killing them and peeling off their skin. As inhumane as it was, the skulls of these rebels were used to build a tower at the entrance of the city.

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There are approximately 900 skulls used to build the said edifice. Today, this serves as a remembrance to the bravery exhibited by early Serbians.


Now an archeological site, Mediana shows the remnants of ancient times.

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This tourist spot is worthy of a visit because it shows nostalgia for the past in the form of churches, relics, granaries, villas and artworks.


This is where the Battle of Cegar Hill took place. The monument serves as a reminder of the city’s freedom from the oppression of Turks back in 1927.

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The edifice has become a memoir of the courage that Serbian soldiers possessed, led by Steven Sindjelic to finally obtain liberation against the Turks.



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