Nick Jonas doing good outside the loop of brothers

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The guy who once fed our teenager fantasies has now grown up as a full debonair that was linked to some of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. We started seeing him performing with his brothers on one stage but going solo did him good as the career of Nick Jonas continues to flourish.

Nick might be more famous nowadays due to the girls being attached to his name, but the singer proved that his staying power goes beyond the borders of the success him and his brothers were able to cultivate back when they were still a band. Being linked with Kendall Jenner and just recently Kate Hudson definitely shows that our teenage dream has grown up.

For Alexa MEN - December 2014 - Nick Jonas. Photos by Randall Slavin Photographer: Randall Slavin Stylist: Joseph Episcopo / de facto inc. Groomer: Mari Shten/ Location: Hôtel Americano 518 West 27th Street, New York, New York 10001 (212) 216-0000

We have seen him making an evident statement that having a solo career is something he can endure. Last year’s video, ‘Levels’, awakened that teenagers side inside us and made us relive the memories back when we sang together whenever any of the Jonas Brothers’ music was played. High expectations were set and there’s no denying that he was able to set the bar quite high with his newest single.

Seeing the video for the first time had me thinking that maybe, we are looking at another Justin Timberlake in the making. It is not as if he can’t be his own person, but his footsteps seem to be similar to Timberlake in his early days as a solo artist. It is no surprise because the guy has undeniable charisma and talent. Nick can definitely sing, dance and act.

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The release of his album entitled ‘Chains’ was also a success ranking at number 13 on the Billboard hit chart last year. He even made several appearances including a stint on Scream Queens and Kingdom. Clearly, there is no denying that Nick will do well with or without the presence of his brothers on the center stage.

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