Never Fret Again about Office Gossips

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Aside from the stress that work entails, it is nothing when faced with the real enemy that even the calmest co-worker won’t be able to handle effectively: office gossip. From time to time, we are all guilty of participating in these gossip episodes even when we don’t mean to. It is tempting and happens daily that we succumb.

Studies have shown that office gossip has a high chance of being a ‘fact’ because the circumstance is that the people involved are under one roof and they see each other daily. We also cannot deny the fact that these discussions solidify camaraderie because we get to update each other of developments and opinions, whether intellectual or not. But what if you’re the center of recent office hushes? Below are some of the smartest tips that you can apply to keep everyone guessing.

The initial reactions when you first know about people talking about you during breaks are shame, guilt and wonder. Naturally, these types of feelings would make you flip and even put you in a state wherein you don’t want to go to work anymore. The possibility of hiding or even resigning from your job would surely come into play, but you need to wake up since this won’t solve the problem. It may take one day or two to process everything, and in these situations, you must remain calm to avoid cracking with the slightest nags of your co-workers.

The key point to remember here is to go back to your office friends and build the network of support you’d need. Having someone or some people who you can lean on eight to nine hours a day would lighten the load of those condescending stares and hushed bathroom conversations with your name on them. Use these friends to vent out steam when you feel like it. However, if you want to say things that are rather rash about a co-worker highlighting the news about you, get someone from outside the office or else you’d look as if you’re guilty of the accusations.

Never give ground and always stand higher than those who craft gossip about you. Whenever confronted by co-workers about the latest issue involving you, don’t give defensive. Explaining to them would do you no good and always bear in mind that no matter what you say to them, they would still view you the same way. Instead of channeling all your focus and effort in dealing with these kinds of things, perform and deliver results like you’ve never shown them before.

This isn’t proving your worth. Rather, you’re helping yourself to become noticed in a positive manner. Soon after you’ve heard everyone talking about you, prepare to let it go. If it bugs you as much as the first time you’ve encountered this gossip, then seek advice from you Human Resources Department for counseling and appropriate guidance on how to deal with it.

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