Ellie Goulding Something the Way You Move-

Ellie Goulding comes up with dance video on ‘Something the Way You Move’

28-year-old English singer Ellie Goulding is making a return for her upcoming third album called Delirium with a second single entitled ‘Something in the Way You Move.’ The sophomore track follows the hit single ‘On My Mind’ that is also found in her current album released around the first week of November. ‘Something the Way […]

raes remmurd-

Douse Yourself with Fresh Hip Hop via Rae Sremmurd

It is rather an unusual feat when we see artists who are bound by flesh and blood act as a duo, trio or group. We are acquainted with solo acts or if it’s a group, they are rarely siblings. But just recently, the music world was shaken with the impressive presence of a uniquely named […]


KPOP’s flare is a worldwide hit

Setting foot on the US stage may be one of the biggest opportunities artists dream of in order to gain global influence. However, with the magnanimous amount of talents arising from different corners of the world, the most coveted spotlight glistening distinctly on the rays of America’s showbiz industry is slowly shifting to several territories […]

Coldplay Beyonce

Coldplay, Beyonce united for Hymn for the Weekend

Yet again, another fusion of the greatest in the music industry became reality as the award winning band Coldplay and the alluring diva Beyonce joined forces in a catchy single paired with equally stunning music video that explores one of India’s important occasions, the Holi festival. It’s all about the electrifying colors and the depiction […]

Reggaeton Tracks

Get to Know Some Reggaeton Tracks That Blew the World Away

With all the success that the music genre Reggaeton has received over the last couple of years, it is quite fitting that we list down some of its most unforgettable tracks. We have all been acquainted with how Reggaeton is supposed to be—the feisty and sexy lyrics, the jumpy tunes, the beats that are worthy […]


Picking the Best of Rock with Dead Weather

If there’s such a thing as a rock super group, The Dead Weather is sure to be regarded as one. Formed through a mix of talents coming from their former bands, The Dead Weather will never disappoint their fans due to the myriad of approaches they put on the plate. Currently comprised of Jack White, […]

Oh Wonder Drive-

To bouts of loving – “Drive” by Oh Wonder

“Cause loving you, loving you is too hard All I do, all I do is not enough Loving you, loving you I cannot be loving you, loving you” LOVE – a lot of times, we hear the word as the subject of a song, left and right, day after day. The word has been used […]