miia dynasty

Meet the potential star in MIIA through Dynasty

Having carved her name in the Norwegian pop scene, young talent MIIA is now heard in a broader scale as her latest song entitled ‘Dynasty’ had its exclusive premiere via Billboard. Starting at an early age, MIIA has been a mainstay of the current music industry in Norway. Her first album called ‘The Light of […]

KPOPs boybands

Meet some of the KPOP’s most followed boy bands

KPOP opened a new dimension in the art of performing due to the higher intensity this genre put on the table. KPOP artists share the same recipe that makes this style unique. Aside from their eccentric looks on and off work, their craftsmanship in dancing and singing are well established, which is why there is […]

girl power

Hinds express girl power in millennial epoch

There is no denying the modern day has shifted to being liberated. With the continuous pursuit of blurring lines between stereotypes, people from different backgrounds are more expressive now especially when it comes to individualism. Gone were the days when the majority just follows the familiar because more people are now courageous in self-expression using […]

Kygo Matty Noyes

Kygo reveals new single featuring fresh talent Maty Noyes

Kygo seems to know how to stir excitement among his fans as he releases a new single featuring the voice of new talent Maty Noyes. The clamor for him to come up with an album that exhibits his distinct tropical house sound might finally turn into reality as hints of an LP are widely discussed […]

Musics Digital Libraries

The Cream of the Crop in Music’s Digital Libraries

With the advent of technology fusing with music, it is no wonder why it is more convenient for everyone to listen to tracks even before the release of its album. We have all been attracted by huge music streaming outfits such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and many others into believing that music can be […]


Fifth Harmony sets the mood in new vid ‘Work from Home’

Girl band Fifth Harmony is back with another exciting song paired with a sassy video that will definitely catch the attention of their growing fan base. This group proved that the voice of each member is certainly golden. Why, each lady can belt a good high note as we can hear from their past songs. […]

Dream Wife is not your ordinary girl band

The London-based girl band Dream Wife will give you a new flavor of music through ‘edge’; a genre which is not typical for the mainstream girl groups we’ve seen in mainstream media. While others sing the same music they do, most choose to play underground and in small crowds. Treat these three belles differently because […]