Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas doing good outside the loop of brothers

The guy who once fed our teenager fantasies has now grown up as a full debonair that was linked to some of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. We started seeing him performing with his brothers on one stage but going solo did him good as the career of Nick Jonas continues to flourish. Nick […]

mc lachlan

Musical High Brought to You by Sarah McLachlan

Whenever you feel like listening to music that’s just soothing to both the mind and the senses, one artist that comes to mind is Sarah McLachlan. With her angelic mezzo-soprano vocal range, Sarah and all her tracks can be easily associated with soulful ballads. Born and raised in Canada, the unforgettable singer-songwriter has left her […]


Mishka and his smooth voice in the world of reggae

They say the experiences you’ve gone through are what make you. In the bout between nature and nurture, the influence of the environment will definitely play a key role especially in honing and inspiring an individual. This is true especially in the story of one of reggae’s prominent musician Mishka. Mishka grew up in an […]

miia dynasty

Meet the potential star in MIIA through Dynasty

Having carved her name in the Norwegian pop scene, young talent MIIA is now heard in a broader scale as her latest song entitled ‘Dynasty’ had its exclusive premiere via Billboard. Starting at an early age, MIIA has been a mainstay of the current music industry in Norway. Her first album called ‘The Light of […]

KPOPs boybands

Meet some of the KPOP’s most followed boy bands

KPOP opened a new dimension in the art of performing due to the higher intensity this genre put on the table. KPOP artists share the same recipe that makes this style unique. Aside from their eccentric looks on and off work, their craftsmanship in dancing and singing are well established, which is why there is […]

girl power

Hinds express girl power in millennial epoch

There is no denying the modern day has shifted to being liberated. With the continuous pursuit of blurring lines between stereotypes, people from different backgrounds are more expressive now especially when it comes to individualism. Gone were the days when the majority just follows the familiar because more people are now courageous in self-expression using […]

Kygo Matty Noyes

Kygo reveals new single featuring fresh talent Maty Noyes

Kygo seems to know how to stir excitement among his fans as he releases a new single featuring the voice of new talent Maty Noyes. The clamor for him to come up with an album that exhibits his distinct tropical house sound might finally turn into reality as hints of an LP are widely discussed […]