Pick Conrad

Pick Conrad Sewell as Your Newest Music Delight

Music fanatics all over the globe have always been on the lookout for something fresh. While our preferred mainstream musicians remain the same, the feel and sound of an act that we’ve never heard before always comes as a sweet treat. Since we have been introduced to a wide array of youngsters lately, maybe it’s […]


Rose McGowan goes theatrical in RM486

She has been seen portraying several characters throughout the span of her acting career. Kids from the 90’s will never forget her in one of the era’s most beloved television series entitled Charmed. To the fans of the show, she will always remain as our Paige, part of a trio of sisters with magical powers. […]


Roaring within the Halls of Mainstream is the Magnificent Duo Lion Babe

Aside from the towering structures and bustling life in New York City, the general music scene has also flourished throughout the years. The steady mix of culture observed as a daily occurrence in New York and the multitude of colors, nationalities and influences found within are some of the reasons why singers or acts of […]

major lazer

Piercing Through the Music Canopy with Major Lazer

Music festivals have proven to be one of the best ways to keep the industry alive and kicking with its long and exciting list of artists, proven to never disappoint fans from all over the planet. With all the music frenzy going on within a particular music festival, it can be said that vocals isn’t […]

The Weeknd

In Focus: The Weeknd’s Tell Your Friends

His soothing voice is food for the soul. The queer performer and critically acclaimed singer garnered attention due to his one of a kind style that made him a cut above most of the performers seen nowadays. Get to hear that unique voice once again through his single entitled ‘Tell Your Friends’, which created a […]

La Fouine

Nobody Does French Tongue Twisters Like La Fouine

Christmas Day is fast approaching and while everyone is on their own path into making this season as merry as possible, one talented solo artist is quite excited for his birthday celebration. Yes, you read it right, this music genius is set to spend his 34th year together with the cheers of Yuletide, and if […]

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas doing good outside the loop of brothers

The guy who once fed our teenager fantasies has now grown up as a full debonair that was linked to some of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. We started seeing him performing with his brothers on one stage but going solo did him good as the career of Nick Jonas continues to flourish. Nick […]