F-VE Dolls

Six girls in F-VE Dolls

The glitz and the bling that surround KPOP make this genre very appealing especially for the younger generation. With this kind of music, the fashionable and eccentric clothes we usually get from dolls come to life. It’s like a fantasy creating form within the bounds of reality. Aside from that, the modelesque physiques and talent […]

Primavera Sound 2016

Primavera Sound 2016 Will Put You in a Musical Whirlwind

Spain is a country made famous by festivities and celebrations with loud, bursting music. The Spanish are known to be very accommodating people, and countless tales in Spain have been documented by first-hand experiences over the last couple of years. In every Spanish celebration comes a wide array of musical selections that are pleasing to […]


Post Malone’s Small Dreams Now Becoming Reality

Many huge names in the music industry nowadays came from the smallest beginnings. Taking advantage of technology, more and more talents are spawned through conveniently making everyone aware of them. Online streaming sites such as YouTube and SoundCloud are some channels where very talented people come to show the world how great they are without […]

The Chainsmokers

Freeing and Liberating EDM More with the Chainsmokers

The dizzying world of EDM and the freneticism behind it works well with the current generation. Many people have come to adore the hypnotic tunes of this music genre, sending everyone into frenzy after playing just a couple of tracks. Mostly, EDM and electro house music cater to the younger market, making tracks under this […]

Foals Band-

There’s drama in Foals’ Give It All

This English band continues to share the same kind of music they are known for as they released the third track from their album ‘What Went Down’. The new track entitled ‘Give it All’ signifies the band’s continuous promotion of their fourth studio album which was released last June. A true love song, the track […]

Music Genre Ska

The Rudimentals Bringing the Music Genre Ska Back to Life

The world of music nowadays would definitely lean on mainstream genres such as pop, rock, rap and R&B. We have come to embrace the aforementioned genres since this is what everyone listens to, and it feels obligatory to like them despite the itch of looking for a fresh genre. We are all guilty of purchasing […]

James Corden

Raise your hand if you want to be in that James Corden carpool

Singing can be an escape, a mood changer or simply a narration of a relative situation hugged by rhythm and melody. It’s something that can be done almost everywhere except for places that require the utmost silence. Music has the ability to gather people and let them sing, dance and party. Many have become richer […]