EDM Flume

Continuing the EDM Legacy with Budding and Creative Flume

The world of electronic dance music has left its mark in the music industry since 2005 onwards. If you’re one of the people who have enjoyed it to its full extent and raved to its hypnotic sound, then you must be wondering if EDM is still something to patronize despite being less resounding than it […]

Easier Said

Sunflower Beans drops new single Easier Said

Forget heavy metal and disturbing sounds as Sunflower Beans delivers a single that will surely bring you a relaxing vibe that is usually felt during vacations. Alleviate your stress in an instant as NYC’s upcoming band channels their chill sound in their track called Easier Said. The American band that was formed in the year […]

Troye Sivan

Starting Out Small and Ending Up Big – The Music Journey of Troye Sivan

Not all musicians are the same. Some might be the most confident you’ll ever witness even at an early age, while others take their time and just come out of their shell if they could not contain it anymore. Either way, if a person is born with impressive vocal skills, then there’s an itch inside […]


Country Music’s Newfound Jewel: Cam

The music industry knows no age, no boundaries, no gender and no place of origin. This flourishing industry has thrived on talents coming from all walks of life, and certainly, it has approved of solo acts or groups for as long as they have the talent to prove that they are worthy. Just recently, the […]

Lukas Graham

Behold the Charm of Rising Group Lukas Graham

The culture of boy bands has remained as quite a fad since the early 1990s. It is just adorable to see groups of boys dancing and singing to entertain, and a majority of the female population is hypnotized as avid followers. Before, mainstream music has been doused with names such as the Backstreet Boys, A1, […]

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman

Ariana Grande unleashes feisty side on Dangerous Woman

From child star to successful music siren, Ariana Grande proved that crossing borders between her used to be wholesome image to her now alluring facade can be as flawless and seamless as can be. There is no doubt that she created enough buzz that made her become one of the most bankable stars of today. […]

Bebe Rexha

A Supernova in the Making – Bebe Rexha

In the slippery mainstream music industry, the combination of passion, looks, songwriting skills and vocal prowess is certainly a very lethal combination; lethal in a sense that one may overpower every existing singer on the same path with precision and ease. It is never ordinary to come across an individual with all the glaring features […]