Releasing the Gift of Entertainment through Otep

Of all the music genres available, metal is definitely one of the most popular. While the mainstream industry is more of light rock, R&B and pop, there exists a genre that embodies noise, purposive use of loud instruments and percussions, and metaphors thrown in between lyrics. Metal is the kind of music you play when […]

Avicci Stories

Avicii’s second album, Stories

‘Waiting for Love’ DJ/singer comes back after taking some time off from his tour with a sophomore album in his hands. Not seeing him in the limelight made us miss this artist that possesses a different kind of music style and the news that his return includes an LP makes us understand that some things […]

Pia Mia

Adore Pia Mia Now and She Will Return the Favor through Good Music

Having been immersed into a society which finds comfort in watching videos online or secretly watching other people’s lives through a Facebook timeline, people nowadays have maximized the use of technology with all its advantages and disadvantages. We now listen to music through streaming and gone were the days when we needed to save up […]

Adam Lamberts

A must hear: Adam Lambert’s Another Lonely Night

Adam Lambert, in his distinct style, comes back with his recent music video for a track entitled ‘Another Lonely Night’. We have known him to be an artistic performer, and his element is very much palpable in the music video directed by another artistic professional, Luke Gilford. “Gilford leads with the heart and his instinct, […]

Swedish House Mafia

Toast a party affair with Swedish House Mafia

There is no doubt that their music is stimulating; not only because electronic is their chosen genre, but also because the trio super group has a distinct style that hypnotizes their listeners to get on their feet due to their upbeat music that makes it feel like Coachella can happen every single day. Swedish House […]

reggae events

This year’s important reggae events listed

Reggaeton is a chill genre that grants a sensible amount of fun. With respect to other sounds out there, reggae is a standalone genre that was able to gain its followers due to its own flavor. This type of music that flourished in Jamaica has become a widespread episode in the world of sound that […]

Miike Snow

The Triumvirate that Will Make You Love Indie Pop More – Miike Snow

Collaboration in music has always been regarded as a successful venture. We have all seen a couple of artists fusing their unmistakable talents through crafting songs and forming bands. It is with their geniuses that they come-up with something twisted and exciting, offering avid fans of mainstream music something refreshing and unconventional. Staying true to […]