Stefanis Solo Album

Stefani’s Solo Album Comeback is all about Feelings

Generation Y and the Millennials can definitely remember Gwen Stefani as either the muse of the alternative rock band No Doubt or that fancy, talented blonde who popularized the song Sweet Escape with Akon. Throughout the years, one thing that never waned is Gwen Stefani’s ability to lure in more and more fans whenever she […]

Pink, soundtrack for movie Alice Through the Looking Glass

Pink wrote the soundtrack for the movie ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’

The Rabbit Hole together with famous fictional characters Alice and Mad Hatter will once again open its gates on the big screen through Disney’s latest offering Alice through the Looking Glass. But before the beloved story of Alice is shown before our dreamy eyes, a catchy soundtrack would first tease us which is written by […]

Good Charlotte

Looking at Good Charlotte’s musical voyage

Mentioning Good Charlotte will pull you back to the early 2000s when the music scene was mostly dominated by bands from pop to rock. It was a time when the vibe of the mainstream industry had a balanced flavor of anything and everything. The diversity of genres made available in this epoch was a buffet […]

Needed Me, Rihanna

A Must hear: Needed Me by Rihanna

Rihanna continues to prove that she’s one of the best female singers out there. We know how the song Work flirted with our imagination as she and Drake delivered the teasing track right before our eyes and gave us an ear-gasmic experience that screams sensuality and fun. Gone were the days when Riri gave us […]


Blossoms is Certainly Not Just another Band from England

England is such a music-rich country that whenever acts or artists hail from this country, we all try to witness how awesome they will be. The healthy music industry which is contained within the country itself is viewed as somewhat beneficial to the ‘gifts’ brewing inside the musicians residing in the UK. English acts are […]

James Blake

Attest to the Potential of James Blake

At first, he offered beats and tunes to the world that were reminiscent of the biggest EDM artists who conquered early 2010. The genius in him produced melodies and string of sounds that are just irresistible for dancing and after series of exposures, he displayed that there’s more to him than just beats. After quite […]


Be Amazed with the Musical Style Brought About by DNCE

If you were saddened by the disbandment of the Jonas Brothers and you’re missing Joe Jonas quite terribly, then fret no more as a rising group called DNCE will chase your blues away. It’s a normal phenomenon that even the most successful acts would soon get into the separation phase, like the Spice Girls or […]