Moving Forward to a Utopia in Karaganda



Similar to the country’s capital city Astana, this land hundreds of kilometers away does not shy away from leaving its history behind for the better. Karaganda, which was previously a coal and labor camp, is now realizing its full potential as a popular travel destination with its upgrades from the last couple of years.

Currently, the city is now buzzing with locals as they make their livelihood as bountiful as ever. The parks are also lined with necessities to look more progressive. Gone were the days when the streets were just made for war and battle. Now, Karaganda is leaning onto modernization.

The connection with the outside world is evident through the construction of bus lines and railways, and tourism is now welcome on this side of Kazakhstan.




Karaganda is within the heart of Kazakhstan and is known to be 220 kilometers away from Astana. It covers a land area of 192.2 square miles and is elevated at 1,791 feet above sea level.

Due to migration to the nearby country of Germany, Karaganda is now populated by just 460,000 citizens.




Akin to the whole of Kazakhstan, Karaganda is under the humid continental climate which thrives on the coldest winters and warm, pleasant summers. The average temperature when it is considered hot is at 26.8-degrees Celsius in July and it rises or falls until the month of September.

Oddly, rainy days go hand in hand with summer as July is deemed to be the wettest month getting 1.85 inches of rainfall accumulation.

The merry winter season starts in December and the lovely weather can stretch as far as April, which is a total of 103 snowy days per year. The sunniest month is June, amounting to 303 hours of summer sunshine and leading to a total of 2,528 of sunlight hours for the whole year.




If traveling by air, the best way to enter through the Sary-Arka Airport , which is about 20 kilometers southeast of the city center.

This airport primarily serves tourists who have Astana as their final destination and travelers who want to get to Karaganda would have to have make arrangements for bus rides to get there.

Once inside Karaganda, it’s just a matter of walking and cycling to get around the city.

What to See

Karaganda Ecological Museum



For a deeper understanding of how Karaganda maintained its environment despite the impending doom of the coal industry, make sure to put Karaganda Ecological Museum as a part of your itinerary.

Aside from the information wedged on every bit of detail, the whole complex is interactive for tourists to have a better feel of what makes up Karaganda’s ecological resources. The tours available are in the English language and due to the museum’s fame, it is quite suggested that you book in advance.

Karaganda Oblast Museum



If the Soviet era interests you most, then head to the Karaganda Oblast Museum to delve into this information.

The museum was recently upgraded for you to have a clear glimpse of their local history through artifacts, exhibits and a specialized section intended to explain the ‘KarLag’ phenomenon.

Central Park



Immerse yourself in nature and busy daylight scenery when you get to sit at Karaganda’s very own Central Park.

Stretching to an impressive 2 kilometers, relieve all of your stress by taking in the surroundings and finding the time to reach the large lake at its center.


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