More than just dandy pieces, be creative and use Lego in different ways

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We have known these tiny square blocks since childhood. How these four-sided shapes helped us develop color recognition, spatial skills and creativity are remarkable, which is why it is no wonder that decades later, we still find this toy in the racks of toy stores and recreational shops. Generations may pass but its positive effects are still being recognized making it one of the most classic and well-loved playthings of all time.

Reconcile with the little kid residing within you by picking up those tiny squares and transforming them into a more functional object. Past the figures you can build through piling are more useful forms that just might make life more organized and arranged. The vibrant colors of this toy can bring spice to your desks and homes in a quirky and fun way.

Always forgetting where you put your keys? Worry no more because you may aid your forgetfulness with the help of key organizers made of Lego blocks. Opt for vibrant colors, ideally combine everything that’s available from the box so that the key holder would be noticeable enough every time you need to keep the keys in place. Also, make sure to form a habit of putting your keys in this holder so that it will not oppose the reason why you put this on your wall in the first place.

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Need to organize that stack of books? Channel your creativity and build book ends made out of your pure imagination.

This is ideal especially for reducing clutter on chaotic desks and spaces.

Give your gadgets, such as phones and tablets, a good stand by transforming your Lego pieces into a creative and cute dock.

This is ideal especially during Skype moments and diminishes the hassle of looking down while swiping through your phone’s screen.

use Lego in different ways (2)

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