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Getting paid and being able to land your dream job would sum up the definition of a successful career. Wanting to work with some of the world’s best companies is not surprising. Aside from being able to work with the corporate world’s best people, the growth and training these organizations contribute to their employees is something priceless as they are enriching and skill augmenting. After all, these hailed companies will not be on top for nothing.

Some of the world’s top caliber organizations do not only offer a pleasant environment for growth, they are also known to provide a workplace that’s unique and with amenities that boost their employees’ motivation to do their duties within the company with utmost enthusiasm. Here are some of the coolest offices that you may want to consider for your next job hunt:


The 400 square meter headquarters of SoundCloud located in Berlin used to be a brewery. What makes this office unique is the fact that there are wide workspaces that provide a modern vibe of industrialism, which fits the creative core of the company.

Contrary to the conventional cozy environment found in most offices, the laid back interior gives employees a relaxed vibe where they can have discussions in a somewhat informal manner.

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Adobe Systems

They enhance photographs through shape-shifting software. This frontrunner when it comes to digital media not only provides an attractive package to its employees, it also has wall climbing facility that people can use to shake off stress and get some physical activity within the workplace.

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If there’s a workplace that serves as a haven for creative people, it would be Google. Not only did it become the most successful search engine in the world, but it is also the most desired workplace for aspiring employees due to the fascinating and state of the art ambiance it offers.

Being named as the best office to work in by Fortune magazine numerous times, the stylish offices of Google from all over the world encourage the intelligent minds within the organization work together in a conducive environment in a sleek and modern way.

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This social networking powerhouse is not only famous due to the innovative trend it established on the Internet, is also one of the coolest places to work. Founded by young businessman Mark Zuckerberg, it is not surprising that a youthful design was used for the office.

As the company encourages openness among its workers, its recreational areas are really state of the art. There’s even a game room where employees are allowed to play guitar hero and Xbox.

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