Loom Bands, This Year’s Craze

loom bands

In today’s world, where it seems change is the only thing that does not change, people are fund of novelties. People look for something new, something unique that will catch the attention of the crowd. Take for instance, in the world of fashion, to be specific in accessories. This year, a colorful craze invaded the fashion world. When Cheong Choon Ng first invented and presented the “Loom Band” bracelets, people asked, what’s this toy for? Taking a closer look, making loom bands are as easy as one-two-three.  One just loops together tiny, colorful and plastic bands and they can even vary into different patterns to show some creativeness.

It’s really to the whole world’s surprise on how these simple and colorful looms had caught the attention of kids born in this digital era. Indeed, this huge loom band craze just spreads all around the globe in no time. Many kids and even adults nowadays are so addicted to loom bands that they prefer doing it rather than pressing their gadgets. Well, it is a great answer to the negative effects driven by technologies to people. Through making loom bands, they could have their individuality and creativeness exercised. This is also the reason why parents love them. Aside from loving its features, parents also love loom bands because it serves as a creative past time that keeps their naughty kids quiet for some time. Parents also consider its cheap price for its adorable beauty. Considering that loom band craze took the fashion world by storm with its endless color combination possibilities, several famous personalities have been spotted wearing it.

Loom bands, yes, they are cheap, but guess who’s wearing it? No other than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles and Kate Middleton have been caught parading with looms as their accessory. Another famous personality, the famous football legend David Beckham also fashioned himself with crazy looms. Indeed, loom band bracelet just transformed the fashion world, not just with ordinary people, but also celebrities. It’s not just a colorful toy; it’s a fashion craze that everyone can positively get addicted to.

Archie Fegidero

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