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Mentioning Good Charlotte will pull you back to the early 2000s when the music scene was mostly dominated by bands from pop to rock. It was a time when the vibe of the mainstream industry had a balanced flavor of anything and everything. The diversity of genres made available in this epoch was a buffet of various pallets that fed the different wants of people who grew up at this time.

Unknown to many, while the majority were singing along with the Goo Goo Dolls and rapping with Eminem, identical twins from Maryland were jumpstarting their career to become one of the most remembered rock bands the world has ever heard by far. Brothers Joel and Benji Madden may have grown up surrounded by domestic problems including their parents’ separation, but the two kept holding on through their strong inclination towards music.

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Mostly influenced by rock artists like Green Day, The Smiths, The Cure, etc., the duo’s style and song writing eventually flourished. The two had a first-hand encounter with what was once considered the haven of bands who were just starting out. After high school, Joel and Benj received a plane ticket from their mother as a present and this gave them a chance to visit the East Bay club where some of the bands they look up to established their early music.

Other members eventually joined the band like Paul Thomas, Billy Martin and Dean Butterworth. The band was not always present or complete. They must have created quite an impression when their self-titled debut album was released live 11 years after they were introduced, but fans were given somewhat sad news when it was announced that the band will take some time off in September of the year 2011.

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With five albums under their belt, the band is returning with their newest album entitled Authority.

The members admitted that their rest from the spotlight allowed them to rekindle the drive and creativity that withered during the course of their career.

The hiatus also allowed them to focus on their personal lives including the marriage of Benj with the actress Cameron Diaz back in 2015.

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