Breathe easier and eliminate the presence of dust mites

If you thought the reason why you have been sneezing is the change of seasons, guess again. You might even blame the weather because you suffer from a constantly itchy and runny nose. This is a probable reason, but not always. We’ve known that allergens like pollen and other air agents can cause irritation too, […]


Tarot Card Reading and its Realistic Human Implications

Amidst the world we’re currently living in, where prevalence of modernization and technology seemed to have gotten the best out of everyone, there are still realms of knowledge that separates the human race from the mysterious physical planet. In different nations, there lie various and wide stretches of superstitions, the doings passed on from generation […]


Uncovering The ‘Truths’ About the Iconic Unicorn

Once in your life, you have crossed the word unicorn—in music, in news, on literary works, by mouth and all other stuff. The concepts of unicorns have grown with society since its depiction from the olden times. As kids, it is definite that we believed unicorns exist, but as we grow up and be exposed […]


Telltale of sea sirens: Mermaids and the myths following them

Their story may have been repeated numerous times, but the truth, whether they really exist remains unsteady and the proof of accounts relating to them are still shaky. Nymphs of the underwater as they are, the subject about mermaids and the elusiveness of their state of being real is still an ongoing discussion, especially amongst […]


Everyone Would Definitely Remember This UFO Sightings Short List

It has never escaped the human brain that there is life outside the planet Earth. Since the olden times, people have come to love the idea of knowing other entities that might be circling in the dark, vast universe. Scientific probes, countless hear says and debunked hoaxes have puzzled the whole populace if what lies […]

lamborghini logo

Behold Thy Fastest Lambo Cars Manufactured

After the advent of Ferrari during the 1960s era, an Italian automaker have thought of having a line of his own and named his brand Lamborghini. The legendary bull logo has made it quite an impressive take on car making and many car lovers never resisted adoring the brand even more. Ever since, Lamborghini have […]


Debunking pit bull’s monster-like image

When someone saw a pit bull, the initial reaction will surely include the sheer fear of being ravished and bitten. With their raucous look and the influences shown and injected to us by mass media, these canine breeds often are the subjects of criticism. Let’s all admit the fact that there’s something in pit bulls […]