Baby eating carrot-

Carrots for your baby

Carrot is one of the best and a good first vegetable for infants due to its nutrition, taste and texture. It is easy for the babies to swallow and digest and most of the babies like the taste too, because they have a natural preference for sweets because carrots are one of the sweetest of […]

A tub of petroleum jelly makes the day okay-

A tub of Petroleum Jelly makes the day Okay!

This cream has become a regular presence on every household’s beauty and medicine cupboards. This wondrous saver, if not all, has rescued almost everyone, during infant years against the itchy and uncomfortable diaper rash. This is your mom’s best friend. Your sister’s fixer. Your brother’s mate. Your father’s get-the-job done confidante. Your ever trusted pal. […]

Confusing Words-

Words We Often Interchange But Should Not

If names have power, so do words. Words, when used effectively, are strong tools on every man’s arsenal. It can break walls, light up imaginations, and invoke emotions, even to the stone hearts. Thus, words should be chosen carefully spoken in the right way, and arranged to communicate the right meaning. It is an art […]


Salmon is good for you

Salmon is one of the healthiest foods in the world. It has health benefits that ranges from strengthening the muscles and heart to reducing your chances of developing some diseases. Muscle and Tissue Benefits The protein in salmon is easy for people to digest and absorb into their bodies. It does not have cancer causing […]


Sage and its wondrous benefits

The hype of going natural has been eminent in the recent days. Slowly, the attention is shifting from synthetic to agrarian and green products. This must be a good news because this means lessen risk of side effects synthetic components can bring to the health, long haul. We all know the dangers of unnatural materials […]


Enchanting gifts of witch hazel

We are aware how genius Mother Nature is when it comes to answering and curing health conditions brought about by numerous factors around us. We have long known how useful and important plants are especially in the field of medicine. Plants around brings a promise of a thing or more with regards to the betterment […]


Understanding Labels: What’s on Your Skin Care Ingredients?

We’ve probably crossed paths with this mouthful, hard to decipher ingredients once or twice during regular grocery or shopping visits but do we know what is the meaning behind every somewhat nebulous term presented on the contents section of our trusted products? The majority of the population would quickly say no, in a heartbeat. Many […]