traditional books-

Traditional books are yet to part

Development in technology has seeped its way through human lifestyle and dug itself among the activities of everyday living, including the simple pleasures brought forth by reading. Amazon, Kindle, and Wattpad, are but a few communities formed by the digital era where books are compressed in a small few-pound weighing gadget. Anywhere and anytime, it […]

tooth brush

Toothbrush can work in mysterious ways

Brushing the teeth is such an indispensable part of our daily existence that whenever we miss doing it, we felt like missing a friend or have lost an important accessory. We do this twice or thrice a day and it will be no surprise to have seen our toothbrushes wither away like an old-aged woman. […]


Once upon A-merican Time

And then there’s that so- called “American Time.” Americans are known for their value for time. That’s why it was called American Time. When you give a deadline, they will comply with it. But how important it is to be on time? They say that punctual people are admired and respected. They gain it without […]

door mat

Make your statement at your doorstep

The door welcomes anyone who steps in your home. And it is important that we care on its general appearance. With that being said, it is important to have a good, quality doormat at your doorstep. Doormats, do not just beautify your space, but it also keep your floor in perfect condition. It also keeps […]


Less fat, less worries

Fats, a product of meat and poultry and any other food related to meats, caused a greater percentage of deaths due to heart attacks and cardiac failures. Many institutions keep on finding a way on how to prevent this life-taking the substance. They release many information about heart attacks and failures and how it can […]

scalp psoriasis-

What is scalp psoriasis?

Itchy scalp, flaky, and reddish? You can associate it to dandruff, yet scalp psoriasis is entirely different. Scalp psoriasis is a disease most commonly seen in the scalp. Fifty percent of those who experience the ailment have at least one flare up in the scalp apart from the formation of scaling plaque on the other […]

Saying No-

Personal growth: Say “NO”

There is always a stigma attached when you say “NO.” Like black and white, we always associate a negative feeling to “no,” while in fact we should know by now there is more to the word than the refusal of the request or demand. I told my little sister no when she asks me to […]