Save your baby from diaper rash-

Save your baby from diaper rash with these home remedies

The idea of our little ones crying due to the pain and itch diaper rash gives isn’t a welcomed thought at all. Who can ever stand seeing an innocent baby crying because of the discomfort this unwanted condition brings? An infant’s skin is delicate and fragile, which is why extra care and the religious habit […]

Eye masks

Gel eye masks are your eyes’ best friends

There will be people who seem to be born with innate eye bags. This is a nightmare for women because this means adding more steps to their daily regimen, especially when preparing and putting on make-up. Eliminating these stubborn eye bags may seem to be easy, but not for some. Heredity is one of the […]

Car Check

A Short List of Strategies for Routine Car Check-Ups and Maintenance

Like any other investment we’ve made, maintaining a car is as demanding as that of a house. Many people are addicted to ensuring that their cars are always in the best condition, and we can all agree that it is just and right for an owner to take care of his belongings. But how far […]

Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga: The Prophecies of the Blind

The human mind has always been curious; always in pursuit of knowing the reasons behind everything. This is one of the reasons why practices like fortune telling tickle the interest of many. The mystique that surrounds different kinds of foresight has garnered a solid following from people who want to know about this unusual body […]


Never Feel Guilty Again When You Eat Desserts

One thing that people usually want after that scrumptious lunch feast or that restaurant dinner is dessert. Many have joked that ‘stressed’ spelled backwards is ‘desserts’, and this is the part of your daily meals that you shouldn’t miss. It is true that it is customary to devour something sweet and sugary so that all […]

Working Fast and Swift

The Art and Mastery of Working Efficiently

You need to be congratulated if you haven’t worked at any point in your adult life, because the truth is, we are all fated to experience the precarious demands of being employed. It does not matter if you are the boss or the lowest ranking employee. When your occupation needs you to accomplish something, you […]

plastic bottles

The perils of reusing plastic bottles

Recycling is a way of protecting nature by reusing materials for other functions aside from its original intended use. This is a common practice especially for non-biodegradables. While this is encouraged, there are some things that people need to know in order to protect our health. It’s been taught in schools, communities and media. We’ve […]