Quench thy thirst with electrolytes

It is not unusual for us to see people every day that looked tired and all haggard on our bus ride home. They are the ones who stagger out of their seat and inch by inch slowly losing their way to consciousness because of the physical and mental stress of working or studying or whatever […]


Believe in the wondrous effects of guava and guava leaves

We all have known guava as a fruit that’s being heralded as one great source of Vitamin C and some other minerals. Normally being grown in Asian countries, guava has a respectable list of medicinal and health benefits due to its rich content of compounds such as Vitamin A, fiber, potassium and lycopene. But little […]

auricular therapy

Auricular therapy, a treatment that lies on your ears

Also called ear acupuncture, the practice of auricular therapy and its effectiveness has been known even during the ancient age. Studies have proven favorable results to those who have tried this kind of alternative treatment. Health practitioners pointed out the fact that the ear has a certain map of pulse points that correspond to each […]

Beauty summerTips-

Simple beauty tips for the summer

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone is excited to get a tan, wear dresses and flaunt your summer bod with your favorite bikinis on the most awaited beach trip you have been planning with your friends and family this year. But Mr. Sun can be harsh and work against these plans because it […]


Perform massage and be closer to your pet

We know that there are different forms in which we can convey love. And this does not discount our trusted and dear pets from the equation. We all know that constant touching and fondling send out a direct message of our concern and care for them. This act in return is being compensated by their […]

TomTom Spark Music Cardio Running

TomTom Spark Music Cardio, Running the watch that has thought of everything

The best way to succeed – or at least improve – a product, it is certain to take into account user feedback. And it was to this argument that the TomTom manufacturer presents its new running watch, the Spark, little starlet IFA in Berlin. If it looks close enough to the Muti-Sport cardio, Spark brings […]

keep temperature down

Environment-Friendly hacks to keep the temperature cool

There are moments in a year when the heat is just not tolerable anymore. Even without movement, you can feel the heat of the summer caressing your skin so much like you’re hugging a flat iron, and sweat would definitely come next. Normally, during the humid season, we have relied onto the cooling effects of […]