indoor plants

Keep Your Indoor Air As Clean as Possible

There are moments in your earthly existence when you just want to stay at home and never face the hassles of what’s happening outside. We have all been acquainted with the notion that being outdoors would definitely expose you to a lot of things that might harm your health, such as pollutants and the stress […]

equine therapy

Help the Disturbed through Equine Therapy

Teenagers are a troublesome lot. It is in the teenage years that a person gets to be confused and focused at the same time. Mental and emotional stress is at its peak, even when all the answers are just lying around the corner. Teenagers, whether we deny it or not, are difficult to understand because […]

food trends

Have a taste of this year’s exciting food trends

The pursuit of staying fit and healthy will not stop as the curtain of 2016 finally unveils itself. Make this new chapter a little better by living healthier while being trendy as this year brings you new ways of being well and staying in good shape. While exercise plays a big role in having that […]

Parallel Universe Stories

Hear These Parallel Universe Stories and Be Freaked Out

We get to hear stories that focus on the absurd and inexplicable almost every day of our lives in general. There are topics that tackle the paranormal, life outside Earth, folklore and myth, unicorns and magical creatures and all the things that tickles our curious minds. We must admit that we are downright fans of […]

kids room

Key Points for Your Child’s Bedroom Haven

Time will come when you will need to separate your little kids from sleeping in the same bed as you and your husband. While they’ll still be living under the same roof, having your child sleep alone is a thing that we fear and look forward to at the same time. Aside from the fact […]

lime and cloves-

Lime and cloves mosquito repellent

In the world of living things, a safe environment is important. Humans tend to do whatever it takes to live in a place where they can be safe. Knowing that disease carrying insects are everywhere, the best solution to avoid them is by buying some insect spray from the store, and this often costs you […]


You are stronger than your depression

The disorder called depression can range from a mild form of melancholy to a condition that can compromise the vital prognosis. Often, there are prescribed drugs to treat depression. As a matter of fact, if you suffer from disabling symptoms of depression, drug therapy may be the best solution to improve your quality of life. […]