Be your own leash and avoid compulsive shopping

  Dear shopaholics, we understand that there is nothing wrong about rewarding yourself after working hard. And it is definitely okay to resort to luxurious brands if you think that you only deserve the best. After all, whatever you think, you become. We only want what’s the best for ourselves, don’t we? So by all […]


The Epic Essence of Your Trusted Dreamcatchers

As kids, we have been taught by adults that dreaming is exciting and weird at the same time. We can vividly remember our parents telling us stories of their funniest, scariest and most unforgettable dreams that we have secretly wanted to experience as well. As we grew older, we learned that dreams are bigger than […]


Barbie becomes more relative as it undergoes a diverse makeover

Barbie will always hold a special place in our childhood memories. Times may have changed and fads come and go in terms of toys, but this beloved fashion doll will remain as one of the best-selling toys of all time. For more than 50 years, Barbie has experienced many ups and downs – a common […]


Pick the Right Feline for the Best Pet-Owner Relationship

The ongoing and popular debate about why cats are better pets than dogs, or the best pet for that matter, has been subjected to so much scrutiny that it seems to have not reached a conclusion. As such, we will analyze the big and small advantages as to why cats are great pets. We might […]

Moringa Leaves

Behold the Wondrous Benefits of Moringa Leaves

The world has been informed on different sorts of things that are deemed as ‘super-food’. This includes ginseng to avocado and the wide array of nuts that were brought to fame due to endless testimonials from health experts. As the human race evolves through time, we have been introduced to better ways of eating which […]


Pay Attention before Signing Up for Life Insurance

Nowadays, there is an advent of people investing their hard-earned money on life insurance. Many view life insurance as their families’ ticket to financial freedom and stability if in the unfortunate event that they face morbidity. Truly, the concept of ‘saving for your death’ is an absurd act to do, but more and more patrons […]

Finishing Household Chores

The Benefits of Involving Your Kids in Finishing Household Chores

Instilling discipline in children is definitely not easy. Kids nowadays are born in a society wherein convenience and comfort are gained through the use and abuse of technology. Being too modernized is rooted to how children mature, and this is something that parents are truly worried about. You can see kids tucked into bed with […]