Killing Procrastination being busy vs becoming productive

Killing procrastination: Being busy VS Becoming productive

Why is it that massage parlors, spa centers, beauty centers are such a hit and booming in the industry of business so as the undying innovations in the fast food industry as well? The truth of the matter is that people are now becoming more and more engaged to work and are really trying to […]

sleeping late-

Sleeping Late and its Shocking Hidden Wonders

It is a stated fact that sleeping early would do the body a lot of benefits. As to what your trusted physician is recommending, an eight-hour sleep would do you good for your entire wellness. All our life, we tried to get a decent set of complete sleep and despite our fervor efforts, we most […]


Safety 101: Say No to House Burglary

Safety is always felt when one is at home, or should we say otherwise? Your home is where you’re most comfortable at, your privacy is at its best and you getting to rest here after a long and tiring day at work. But yearly, cases of burglaries have been reported all around the globe, from […]

Fragrance Families-

Be acquainted with the fragrance families

A person who smells good definitely becomes more attractive, real talk. The importance of a single bottle is immeasurable, especially in the aspect of one’s image. We cannot deny the fact that someone who smells fine creates a better image than those who don’t. It is also a form of self-expression in a nonverbal but […]

Restless Leg Syndrome-

Restless Leg Syndrome defined

Ever felt the urge of giving the legs any kind of movement after being in a stationary positing for quite some time? How about the sudden kicking or twitching of either one or both feet during sleep time? While these may be considered as close to nothing, people who frequently experience these types might consider […]


Fathoming Blood Type Diet

The blood is the body’s lifeline in liquid form. How it plays a very vital role in the human life can’t be stressed enough by just few words. Basically, we all know that it serves as a stream that carries out all the good and the bad that’s inside the body. Nutrients and vitamins are […]


Lifehack 101: Vodka Will Not Just Make You Dizzy, Reap the Benefits

Alcohol drinking had been around since time immemorial. People drink on special occasions, some after a hearty dinner, to socialize and all other encompassing reasons that only a drinker would know. Alcoholic beverages have its own share of benefits and numerous downsides. While it is slowly turning to be a poison to human health, specifically […]