Watch urbane-

Watch Urbane: The first android watch that has a SIM card

LG releases a new version of the watch- Watch Urbane. The new LG Watch Urbane is the first Android watch that has a SIM card Connected watches with cellular antennaes and SIM cards slot are not new. But lately, it is clear that the trend among large manufacturers was to offer smart watches that are […]

3D pen-

Channel imagination via 3D pen Creopop

In an era where three-dimensional viewing is a fad, putting it into hobby isn’t impossible at all. While sketching through a one-dimensional medium will always remain a classic, the emergence of another facet definitely appeals on the creative minds of the contemporary time. Meet Creopop, the world’s first three-dimensional pen that unleashes the imaginative side […]


Drive When You’re Sober and Live Happily Ever After

Being on the road is such a daunting task that should be done accordingly, due to the sheer fact that it is a matter of life and death. Driving has been a fear that many failed to overcome, and while it might look clumsy, those who have seen the horrific face of accidents might even […]


Mercedes-Benz’ Authentic Triumvirate for Car Style and Speed

Since its inception in 1881, years and years of experience and skill have been put in to making Mercedes-Benz one of the most drooled-over car manufacturers to have ever existed. Unlike its competitors, Mercedes-Benz thrived on the concept of luxury and comfort, while never letting go of its trademark of being the car company for […]


The Beauty, The Thrill and The How-To’s of Last Minute Christmas Shopping

With the Christmas season just few months away, it is undeniable that more and more people are already daydreaming of what they would purchase for the yearly Christmas shopping rush. The merry season of Christmas is the time of the year where everyone wants to snatch something endearing from that familiar store or put a […]


A Sneak Peek on Ferrari’s Most High-Ticket Cars in Auction

There is no other car brand in the world that is as feisty and as exceedingly expensive as Ferrari. At the beginning of this company’s history in the 1940s, no one ever expected it to bloom to how it is being viewed by car enthusiasts on a global scale nowadays. Starting as a small company […]


Advantages and disadvantages of home schooling your child

Thinking of homeschooling your child? There are many reasons to choose homeschooling over public schools. To help you make your decision, here are some pros and cons of homeschooling: Homeschooled children perform better on standardized tests. For example, in a recent comparison of SAT scores, homeschooled children got an average of 568 on the verbal […]