The Health Risks of Fast Food

There are many health risks come with eating fast food regularly. It’s nearly impossible to find healthy food at fast food restaurants that compromise health and a balanced diet for convenience and immediate gratification. Fast food meals are almost always high in saturated fat, calories and sodium and even a normally healthy lifestyle can’t counter […]


Influence of Reading on Education

It would be an exaggeration if we want to talk about the importance of education for the well-being of the individual, society and nation. There is no denial of the fact that education builds character that leads to enlightenment and all in all it makes us complete as a man, as a nation and as […]


Why You Should Add Raw Beef to Your Diet

High quality cuts of 1000% grass-fed, organic raw beef can be an exceptionally healthy addition to your diet. Many people worry about the risk of bacteria from uncooked meat, but when top quality raw beef is used and basic food hygiene rules are followed, the risk of bacterial infection from eating raw beef is actually […]


World Cup 2014: Lifts up your passion for the beautiful game

The FIFA World Cup 2014 has passed the thrilling first round; when you are reading this post you are already enjoying the stunning second round. The world’s greatest sports occasion has brought us astonishment, joy and hope along with samba induced atmosphere. The streets of the host nation Brazil are illuminated with spectacular scenes. It’s […]


8 Unusual Ways to Cook with Avocado

Avocados are a great addition to your diet for many reasons. For one thing, avocados provide numerous health benefits including promoting heart and cardiovascular heart, reducing your risk of cancer and contributing to antioxidant absorption and battling inflammation. But along with all these benefits, avocados are just plain delicious! While recipes like guacamole just can’t […]


Professional Teeth Whitening versus Home Care Teeth Whitening

Tooth discoloration could be extrinsic in nature – caused by outside factors such as foods, beverages, and habits. Or it could be intrinsic – stains that are within the tooth. These are stains that have crystallized and have been incorporated within the tooth structures since formation of the tooth. Examples of intrinsic stains are fluorosis […]


The 10 Best Things About Being in Your Early Twenties

Quoth the raven, “You have fresh young skin and you can do whatever.” 1. Your face is a fresh, dewy wonder. Had a crazy night out? Later in life, you’ll spend 45 minutes in the bathroom trying to look slightly less like Charlize Theron in Monster. But for now, you could spend all night doing […]