Candy That is Nerds

The Weird and Quirky Candy called ‘Nerds’

One of the craziest candies existing in this playful world is known as Nerds. You might have come across Nerds boxes in your conventional candy store, or seen another kid munching on these sweet colorful rocks across the street. Undeniably, the joy that Nerds has brought to the world is so evident that it’s something […]


Get Your Hands on Revolutionary Facial Milks

In the world of beauty and wellness, most of us have opted to go natural. While it’s a given fact that most cosmetics nowadays have a touch or two of chemicals, many women are into finding brands and items that will suit their need to go au natural. Luckily, there are many who continuously uphold […]


Other reasons for clogged pores uncovered

Ever watched Hollywood celebs and wondered how they attained smooth, flawless skin that’s to die for? While it is true that these people are well-off and can afford regular trips to the industry’s most trusted dermatologists, having the best of both worlds can seem unfair especially for plain Janes who are hustling their hardest just […]


The Epilator – Your handy tool in removing unnecessary hair

The tradition of removing unwanted hair in to obtain smooth skin has been a practice even during early times. While those tiny hairs scattered around our body are placed there for a reason, the call for vanity asks for its elimination. Let us admit how improved, glowing and neat the skin appears by removing hair […]


Add eye cream to your routine and it will serve you well

  Having a youthful appearance is temporary. This point in the human life cycle does not remain forever, but it doesn’t mean you cannot halt the occurrence of aging. With a proper beauty regimen and tediously following your routines, your appearance can stay youthful against your actual age. Be that kind of advocate by paying […]


Hunt for this health aid called Kerson fruit

While almost all types of fruits can be found in groceries nowadays, there are still some that are unknown to the public unless you’re a professional botanist. Going by the scientific name Muntingia Calabura, these small circular fruits of wonder are now known all over the planet due to its key benefits to the human […]


Tips to Go When You Decide to Sell Your Beloved Car  

  Okay, so you’ve been with your car since your very first prom night, and yet, you’re still behind its steering wheel right after you married. While we understand that the family car is more than a mere vehicle due to its sentimental value, there will come a time when you just need to let […]