Meeting the Promise of the Future via Hoverboards

After the rush of the Holiday season, it’s quite certain that there are remnants floating around about some gifts that were never given. Maybe it’s your son, or your brother or even you who would wish to get this very item, but you are torn between purchasing it or not. You want to blame the […]

food trends

Have a taste of this year’s exciting food trends

The pursuit of staying fit and healthy will not stop as the curtain of 2016 finally unveils itself. Make this new chapter a little better by living healthier while being trendy as this year brings you new ways of being well and staying in good shape. While exercise plays a big role in having that […]

Parallel Universe Stories

Hear These Parallel Universe Stories and Be Freaked Out

We get to hear stories that focus on the absurd and inexplicable almost every day of our lives in general. There are topics that tackle the paranormal, life outside Earth, folklore and myth, unicorns and magical creatures and all the things that tickles our curious minds. We must admit that we are downright fans of […]

aegis head phones-

Sound that cares, thanks to Aegis Pro headphones

The dilemma is real – many people, especially those that who belong to younger age groups suffer from hearing loss due to excessive exposure to loud sounds from ear and head phones. The modern population may be blessed with advancements in technology that mostly caters to entertainment, but abusing high tech electronics – no matter […]


Having postural syndrome tells you are doing things wrong

In a world where everything is just a tap, click or swipe away, constant moving becomes unnecessary and performing tasks can be accomplished in one sitting. This kind of advancement in technology is something the new generation is thankful for. The need for moving around was significantly reduced and the time needed to perform tasks […]


Understanding the hazards of third hand smoke

The negative effects of smoking have been established long enough. Efforts of concerned groups and governing bodies are all over the place to disseminate knowledge about its risks and damaging outcomes that even cost the lives of many. Lighting one stick can go a long way when it comes to ruining the health of both […]


Know basic etiquette and deal well with others

“Manners are like the shadows of virtues, they are the momentary display of those qualities which our fellow creatures love and respect.” – Unknown Etiquette is an unwritten law that people follow in order to have better and considerate relationships with others. It is commonly perceived that those who belong to the higher end of […]