Debunking pit bull’s monster-like image

When someone saw a pit bull, the initial reaction will surely include the sheer fear of being ravished and bitten. With their raucous look and the influences shown and injected to us by mass media, these canine breeds often are the subjects of criticism. Let’s all admit the fact that there’s something in pit bulls […]


Be you own master even at snooze world and control having pleasant dreams

Because having a bad dream is the last thing we want after being stretched from a long tiring day. And not even once would one want to disturb the supposed to be pleasant relaxation fest and interrupt hibernation just because of an awful sight during trance to dream world. Growing up, I was under the […]

kids room

Organizing your child’s room is as easy as ABC

The time will come and you would need to separate your little kids from sleeping on the same bed as you and your husband doze off. While they’ll still be living under the same roof, of course, having your child sleep alone is a thing that we fear and is most excited about at the […]


Take a pick on these indoor air purifiers

Aside from the purpose of beautifying your home, which definitely lacks color and attitude, decorative plants are now being heralded as the best house accessory for modern dwellings. Aside from the fact that taking care of them isn’t much of a hassle, the sheer presence of plants inside a house brings a very refreshing and […]


How to sit properly in front a Computer

Nowadays, people’s work consists of sitting for long hours in front of the computer that gives them body aches like a stiff neck, tight shoulders, or much worst chronic back pain. The co-author of “7 Things Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You” and a chiropractic assistant, Andi Lew shared some tips and advice not just […]

ballroom dancing-

Be cooler as you age and do ballroom dancing for better health

Ballroom dancing is a kind of social encounter through structured and graceful moves from different variations this form of physical motion is required of its participants. Unlike the earlier years where this dance is being rampantly practiced in Latin countries, progression through the early times made it an avenue not only for socialization, but for […]

Keeping a Journal-

The wonders of keeping a journal

Keeping a journal is not obsolete. Looking through our computer or smartphones, the memos of grocery lists, accountability, to-do lists, and other things along those lines are have taken enough storage in our devices. They are necessary to keep track of things and almost mechanical. While those are beneficial, it is not the only wonders […]