Online Self Diagnose-

The cons of self-diagnosis

Limited time, packed schedules and then couple it with information clicks away, it’s always a temptation to grab your mouse and type on your keyboard to look up on Google what may be causing the illness we’re are experiencing lately. We think it is more efficient; one which will save you the gas and time […]


PMS 101: A guide to women, and men?

  Many would agree that being a woman requires a very tough soul, a steady disposition and million-mile patience when undergoing a bodily change. It is not unusual to have heard of stories from women who are experiencing premenstrual syndrome episodes of PMS. Simply said, PMS is the side effect of hormonal imbalances when a […]


Healthy summer bonding with Asian Mojito

Mojito, a blend of mint and rum with a sweet twist of lime, is a refreshing “on the rock” (ice) cocktail that is usually found on beaches and summer getaways. The original recipe uses spearmint which is popular in Cuba. In this Asian version, the spearmint was replaced by lemon grass, herbs known for its […]

Young Professional-

Look more professional by avoiding these communication habits

Our alma mater has been our practice ground for years. It equips us with knowledge and skills as we prepare for the time when we need to step out into the real world. However, there is still a significant difference when we are finally on the actual scene. Even though we have some experience and […]


Keeping thy eyesight on its optimum level

Every human being sees the world through the use of eyes. We have come to appreciate every stroke of color on that Picasso masterpiece, the littlest details of that wedding gown the bride is wearing, the cerulean skies hanging above during summer, the water bubbles being formed when rain falls down and everything that this […]


Essential key points in decluttering

Every once in a while, we find ourselves standing in the middle of our room amidst the piles of unnecessary things that we’ve come to collect over the years. From the endless music boxes with the dancing ballerina, to the huge ledgers of accounting books used during your year in Finance or the other seemingly […]


Aromatherapy candle scents for a better you

Some households nowadays have succumbed into the luxury of deodorizing through scents. It is just fitting that your home is where you are most of the time and different stenches of smell come in and out of the door so having a clean and fresh odor is as good as saying that your house is […]