Enjoy the spectacular beauty underneath from a hot air balloon

Ballooning, otherwise known as hot air ballooning is the sport or activity of flying hot air balloons. Frankly, hot air balloon is the ancient form of human-carrying flight technology. Over the last two decades hot air ballooning has become the fastest growing adventure ride items. Well over 70,000 passengers flown in the Europe region alone […]


Stay fit in this winter by taking part in Winter Sports

It is true for many of us that we want to escape from cold winter weather. Many people would love sitting next to a fireplace and enjoy drinking wine or watching movies or reading books. At times these activities could be utterly bone chilling and shocking to our system. Indeed, winter has many positive qualities […]


Beat the wave and have fun by surfing!

Surfing is a salubrious type of surface water sport where individuals are carried by a breaking wave while riding on a special board called surfboard. It is a very popular kind of sports to all ranging from persons of minimal age to the older. There are obviously different types of surfing based on the surf […]


Extreme Sports: Are these worth the risk?

Extreme sports or otherwise known as action sports are always associated with a high level of inherent danger. This is the nature of extreme sports. These activities involve height, speed, topmost physical exertion or highly specialized gear. While the definition and the origin of the term ‘extreme sports’ remain vague it has gained much popularity […]


The Heart and Brain Benefits of Fish

What’s one of the best things you can do for your long-term health? Add fish to your diet at least twice a week. Whether it’s salmon, tuna or prawns, regular consumption of fish promotes heart and brain health. Fish is low in fat and high in protein and is a leaner, healthier alternative to red […]


Why Strawberries Are More Than Just a Summer Treat

Strawberries are much more than just a sweet, juicy summer treat. The fruit’s sweet flavor and rich red color mean major health benefits that will keep you healthy and glowing from head to toe. Strawberries are richer in nutrients than apples, bananas or oranges, making them a worthwhile addition to your meals. They are sodium, […]


Sports are good, both for health and life!

Sports definitely set the groundwork for an active and healthy lifestyle as it fuels your inner spirit and help you achieve goals-both group and individual. People who have grown up by playing sports know the importance of sports in shaping a person’s healthy life. Sports offer unique benefits not only in your childhood or young […]