Eat Apples – Supercharge Your Health

Apples are the second most popular fruit in America – and for good reason! These sweet and juicy fruits are portable, easy to eat and stay fresh for longer than almost any other fruit. What’s even better is the great health benefits that apples offer. Snack on them whole, sip them in a juice or […]


Skip that Slice of Pizza – Here’s Why

Warm, cheesy and delicious – pizza sometimes seems like the perfect food. But it’s actually anything but, with ingredients that combine to increase your risk of heart attack, cancer, obesity and more, it’s time to put down that slice of pizza. While pizza may be cheap, quick and filling, the health risks that it causes […]

scuba diving-

Scuba Diving: An escape from hustling world with serenity

Scuba diving is a very popular and recreational sport that is practiced all across the world and can even be a profession. With the aid of breathing apparatus, scuba masks, buoyancy devices and fins divers explore the underwater world with pleasure and safety. Underwater world is quiet, the moment a diver drops below the surface […]


Volunteering: A free and easy way to excel in many ways

In this hustling world it is hard to find time to be a part of voluntary work. However, the pros of volunteering are numerous to your family, to your community and to you as well. Volunteer work provides a good opportunity for an organization to meet its mission and goals through free yet efficient resources. […]

Le Parkour-

An overview to Le Parkour

In simple words parkour is all about progressing through your environment naturally and efficiently. To be more precise it is the refinement of one’s body movement during the interaction with surrounding environment. Parkour practitioners who are popularly known as ‘traceuers’ climb, jump as well as vault over all obstacles in their path. Their aim is […]


Why Bananas are Your New Favorite Superfoods

Bananas aren’t just a delicious snack or breakfast, they are also a superfood with numerous health benefits. Whether they’re baked into banana bread, blended into smoothies, eating raw or mixing into your morning oatmeal, bananas offer tons of vitamins and minerals including fiber and potassium to maintain a strong and healthy body. Read on to […]


Best Nuts for Your Health and Why

Nuts are a great way to add essential nutrients to your health. Especially healthy are raw tree nuts, which make great protein-packed snacks. Nuts are versatile enough to carry as a snack to work or school and are packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats and essential vitamins and minerals. Eating nuts regularly can help lower […]