Products Expiration Dates

Be Mindful of Your Product’s Expiration Dates, All The Time

Sometimes, we buy more groceries than what we need. The sense of impulsiveness takes over and once line-up at the counter, we really aren’t sure if we are about to purchase a whole stack that’ll eventually be useless. Once home, we look at out kitchen pantry and noticed piles of cartons and a plethora of […]

Distinct Mobile Phone Etiquettes

Distinct Mobile Phone Etiquette from all over the World

We have all been connected through the advancements of technology over the last couple of decades. Luckily for this generation, people seem to live just a couple of meters apart thanks to the benefits of mobile phones as a major necessity. These devices have improved over the years, making it easier for us to communicate […]


Go backpacking and see the world out there

They say that you’ll never know what’s on the other side without taking the risk of seeing it for yourself. This is true as traveling is an enriching journey that will raise awareness and learning apart from the formal teaching we get from learning institutions. The education we get from traveling firsthand is more than […]

Make Things Perfect

The Rigorous Art of Practice Really Does Make Things Perfect

In a world where every day is a competition, the only way to win is to be the master of everything. No matter where we are, there will always be the impending challenge of being the best, and while we usually don’t take everything seriously, there’s something within us that wants to win every battle. […]

Hard Work

Getting Extremely Wealthy is Synonymous to Hard Work

Many of us think that being wealthy is an impossible dream. Sure, there are people who are born so rich that they do not even care about how they will live their lives. Unknown to us, there are also human beings who worked their way up to the top and are now lying on a […]

clogged nose

Free thy self from clogged nose and press right points

Having a stuffed nose is uncomfortable and annoying. This health condition makes us realize the beauty and importance of smooth breathing. Sure, nasal congestion is curable, but medications sometimes do not deliver the immediate and desired effect that the situation calls for. Aside from discomfort in breathing, a stuffed nose can also come with headaches, […]

Sleeping Patterns

Tailoring Sleeping Patterns to our Personal Lifestyles

Sleeping is the way for people to rest their tired bodies after a long day at work. It is through sleeping that the entire body recuperates from stress gained from the daily challenges of being ‘human’. We all get accustomed to the usual sleep cycle, which amounts to exactly eight hours every day. Technically dubbed […]