Sagging of Skin-

No to sagging of skin

Sagging of the skin can affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence. It is caused by natural aging, exuberant smoking and drinking, obesity, pregnancy and excessive weight loss where the skin loses its elasticity. Sagging of the skin can be hard to treat, if you want to get rid of it fast, you need to contact […]


The Online World Can Be Unsafe, Guard Your Own Credentials

With the advent of technology, it is quite clear that people have succumbed into the idea of finding comfort and convenience in this interconnected society. We have witnessed developments brought about by technology in medicine, mobile phones and the Internet. So far, most of us can agree that these feats in technology are advantageous and […]


The Science behind Your Hobby Called Slouching

When we’re in the office, or enjoying our recently downloaded TV series at home, or even reading this article, chances are you are sitting… in a slouching position. We all have this wrong notion that sitting helps us to relax strained muscles or rest our extremely stretched backs, but is there really any harm in […]


The Best of the Best BMW Cars Ever: A Shortlist

The illustrious brand tagging as ‘the ultimate driving machine’ is one of the key reasons why BMW cars have stayed this respectable within the automotive industry. Known for its exemplary fusion of luxury and utter driving performance, this once humble company has proven to every critic that it is not just a fly-by-night gig. BMW […]


Recounting Interesting Tales of the World’s Greatest Sorcerers

You’ve been tightly hooked on watching too many Harry Potter movies and reading some Merlin books that you get to wonder if sorcerers and magicians truly exist. In a world where loopholes are always present and many things crave to be explained, it is quite ‘natural’ for people to believe the unexplainable and the mysterious. […]

office gossip

Never Fret Again about Office Gossips

Aside from the stress that work entails, it is nothing when faced with the real enemy that even the calmest co-worker won’t be able to handle effectively: office gossip. From time to time, we are all guilty of participating in these gossip episodes even when we don’t mean to. It is tempting and happens daily […]

dragon fruit

Hail to the Capabilities of the Dragon Fruit

You don’t usually see dragon fruit in your conventional grocery as this is deemed to be always out of season. Usually grown in the tropical and subtropical areas of Asia and South America, this magical-sounding fruit doesn’t actually breathe fire—dragon fruits are actually more than awesome. If ever you’d chance by a dragon fruit at […]