The Beauty, The Thrill and The How-To’s of Last Minute Christmas Shopping

With the Christmas season just few months away, it is undeniable that more and more people are already daydreaming of what they would purchase for the yearly Christmas shopping rush. The merry season of Christmas is the time of the year where everyone wants to snatch something endearing from that familiar store or put a […]


A Sneak Peek on Ferrari’s Most High-Ticket Cars in Auction

There is no other car brand in the world that is as feisty and as exceedingly expensive as Ferrari. At the beginning of this company’s history in the 1940s, no one ever expected it to bloom to how it is being viewed by car enthusiasts on a global scale nowadays. Starting as a small company […]

lamborghini logo

Behold Thy Fastest Lambo Cars Manufactured

After the advent of Ferrari during the 1960s era, an Italian automaker have thought of having a line of his own and named his brand Lamborghini. The legendary bull logo has made it quite an impressive take on car making and many car lovers never resisted adoring the brand even more. Ever since, Lamborghini have […]

TomTom Spark Music Cardio Running

TomTom Spark Music Cardio, Running the watch that has thought of everything

The best way to succeed – or at least improve – a product, it is certain to take into account user feedback. And it was to this argument that the TomTom manufacturer presents its new running watch, the Spark, little starlet IFA in Berlin. If it looks close enough to the Muti-Sport cardio, Spark brings […]

scalp psoriasis-

What is scalp psoriasis?

Itchy scalp, flaky, and reddish? You can associate it to dandruff, yet scalp psoriasis is entirely different. Scalp psoriasis is a disease most commonly seen in the scalp. Fifty percent of those who experience the ailment have at least one flare up in the scalp apart from the formation of scaling plaque on the other […]


Blisters, how to deal

Blisters usually occur on the feet area. Not many may notice it, but blisters can take place in every part of the body. These tiny bumps can be painful and bring discomfort. This is a natural way of sending a message that there’s a part of the body that’s injured. Soothe the discomfort by having […]


Desist grease and flip that beautiful hair

We know how hassle it is to have an oily hair. In the continuous quest of having a beautiful and healthy hair inside and out, having a greasy hair is a big no, no because this means attracting dirt and on both hair and the scalp that can trigger dandruff and itching. There are several […]