Lady's Finger Plant

Enrich Your Immune System with Okra

You might not see this often as part of a highly-priced meal in a restaurant because this vegetable is in the process of establishing its name as superfood. Surely, you have also missed this on your grocery trip because it is never in season and only selected countries have the ability to grow this. Also […]


Different Graduation Rites around the Globe

Though it is never enough to measure one’s success through education, achievements in the field of academics are things that we can truly brag about. Proper education and all the experiences within mold us into who we are and how we can maneuver in real life. Education has many stages, and after each phase comes […]


This is why you should start baby wearing

There is no greater blessing for a woman than becomeing a mother. The same goes for men as they see their children grow after being introduced to the world outside womb. Seeing another life come to form and rearing it right before your very eyes is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. […]

Awake Phase

Battling Your Long Stay on the Awake Phase Victoriously

As an estimate, most people should be getting enough sleep. While there are some who would disagree, it is quite imperative to allot 8 hours of sleep to live healthy. There are many ways to describe a good night’s sleep, but it can all be deduced to getting the proper number of hours that we […]

doodle (1)

Don’t Fret When You Doodle, It’s Rather Marvelous

There are mundane moments when you find yourself drawing and scribbling away with patterns, figures and shapes that freely came out of your brain and pen. Normally, it is being done, as they say, when you are bored or killing the time away when you’re trapped into something. Doodling is something more than just the […]

Public Speaking Anxiety

A Deeper Understanding of Public Speaking Anxiety

There will come a time in our lives when we need to speak in front of a huge group of people, whether we want to or not. It can be inside your classroom when you’re assigned to explain a certain topic as part of your graded recitation or if you are appointed by your immediate […]

skinny jeans

The fad of skinny jeans and its possible danger

Skin-tight jeans have gained so much popularity that almost every individual owns a pair. This is a staple garment that almost all closets have. But will you continue wearing something that might be dangerous to your health? Read on and think if skinny jeans are really a fad you want to follow. If there is […]