Stay fit in this winter by taking part in Winter Sports

It is true for many of us that we want to escape from cold winter weather. Many people would love sitting next to a fireplace and enjoy drinking wine or watching movies or reading books. At times these activities could be utterly bone chilling and shocking to our system. Indeed, winter has many positive qualities […]


World Cup 2014: Lifts up your passion for the beautiful game

The FIFA World Cup 2014 has passed the thrilling first round; when you are reading this post you are already enjoying the stunning second round. The world’s greatest sports occasion has brought us astonishment, joy and hope along with samba induced atmosphere. The streets of the host nation Brazil are illuminated with spectacular scenes. It’s […]


The 10 Best Things About Being in Your Early Twenties

Quoth the raven, “You have fresh young skin and you can do whatever.” 1. Your face is a fresh, dewy wonder. Had a crazy night out? Later in life, you’ll spend 45 minutes in the bathroom trying to look slightly less like Charlize Theron in Monster. But for now, you could spend all night doing […]