The therapeutic effects of pottery

Adult life can be really stressful and having an outlet to unwind from pressure and stress is somewhat important to retain balance and well-being. Aside from hitting the gym, there are other recreational activities that grown-ups can resort to in order to preserve equilibrium in life. If you are the kind of person who does […]


Join the Bandwagon Called Juicing and Be Healthy

Now known as a very huge trend among the health-conscious, juicing is sure to become popular again in discussions over social media posts and gym talks now that summer is fast approaching. While we’ve all known the philosophy behind this method long before it became a craze, many people have come to believe that since […]

coolest offices

Meet some of the world’s coolest offices

Getting paid and being able to land your dream job would sum up the definition of a successful career. Wanting to work with some of the world’s best companies is not surprising. Aside from being able to work with the corporate world’s best people, the growth and training these organizations contribute to their employees is […]

flying colors

Have that ‘can do’ attitude and conquer anything with flying colors

Admit it, sometimes, it is easier to become pessimistic and be devoured by the negativity that blocks the road to success than continuing the venture towards reaching our goals. Stalling and sitting in one corner while thinking is easier than getting up, rolling those sleeves up and working. As every minute to achieving endeavors means […]

Greener Life

Working Up Your Way to a Greener Life

The issue of climate change has reached even the deepest recesses of humanity. The human race is now in a situation wherein the harsh effects of environmental depletion are felt, and more efforts to soften the blow are propagated in different parts of the planet. While this shouldn’t have happened if everyone is serious about […]

dry mouth

Tips on dealing with dry mouth

The majority must’ve experienced the ugly feeling of having dry mouth. This usually happens whenever the body is dehydrated because of a rigorous activity or a long period without liquid intake. This instance may be felt and considered as normal since it is the body’s way of telling us that there’s a need to reach […]


First-Aid Wonders and How to Differentiate Them: The Compress Duo

First-aid and its accompanying benefits have been introduced to people as early as we step in at school. The sheer importance of knowing what to do in a specific situation that concerns health and wellness is a necessity to everyone. We have been acquainted with the basics of treating minor wounds, soothing accidental burns or […]