Barbie becomes more relative as it undergoes a diverse makeover

Barbie will always hold a special place in our childhood memories. Times may have changed and fads come and go in terms of toys, but this beloved fashion doll will remain as one of the best-selling toys of all time. For more than 50 years, Barbie has experienced many ups and downs – a common […]

Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga: The Prophecies of the Blind

The human mind has always been curious; always in pursuit of knowing the reasons behind everything. This is one of the reasons why practices like fortune telling tickle the interest of many. The mystique that surrounds different kinds of foresight has garnered a solid following from people who want to know about this unusual body […]

waist trainer fad

What you need to know about the waist trainer fad

Popularized by the highly-exposed Kardashian family fad, the craze of wearing waist trainers to achieve an ideal hourglass figure has become so popular that we see every lady friend we have on social media with photos wearing corsets. There is no denying that curves run in the blood of the girls in Hollywood’s reality shows, […]


The summoning of truth and knowledge with the help of the dead

The thought is eerie and can bring shivers to the majority of us. Modern times linked it to darkness and everything bad. Thanks to the present-day depiction of this practice, the custom that was rooted from the old age has evolved into something fearsome as what has been shown on television shows and movies. Necromancy […]


Being More Connected through Technology

The world nowadays is leaning towards the power of connection. Gone were the days when one must write a long, handwritten letter which would then skim through the process of being delivered to another person from the opposite side of the globe. We rarely see people sending each other constrained messages through the paid-by-word concept […]


The Online World Can Be Unsafe, Guard Your Own Credentials

With the advent of technology, it is quite clear that people have succumbed into the idea of finding comfort and convenience in this interconnected society. We have witnessed developments brought about by technology in medicine, mobile phones and the Internet. So far, most of us can agree that these feats in technology are advantageous and […]


The Best of the Best BMW Cars Ever: A Shortlist

The illustrious brand tagging as ‘the ultimate driving machine’ is one of the key reasons why BMW cars have stayed this respectable within the automotive industry. Known for its exemplary fusion of luxury and utter driving performance, this once humble company has proven to every critic that it is not just a fly-by-night gig. BMW […]