Efficient Group Huddles

Efficient Group Huddles and Meetings for Sure Success

When you’re an employee, you have definitely joined a company meeting which you regarded as boring, stressful and mentally draining. As much as you want to avoid them, meetings are necessary to align everyone’s goals, refresh memories of monthly quotas and introduce new protocols that are more difficult compared to the older version. While many […]

high expectations

Having high expectations can be beneficial too

As the saying goes, you get what you give. As working hard pays, humility shows us that expecting too much can become detrimental. Not meeting high expectations can eliminate motivation, which then leads to depression. While we are encouraged to dismiss greater expectations, there are still positive effects that we can get from it. Competitive […]


Guard your pets against summer heat

Summers may mean unlimited sun fests and while the weather allows us to walk along the beach and sip that mango smoothie while lying comfortably on the sand, let us also take into consideration our beloved pets and how they will become comfortable amid the scorching temperature. If the high temperature can be unbearable for […]

desk job healthier

Benefit from making your desk job healthier

In this age of technology, all transactions can be made in just a flick of your finger. Industries rely on their manpower that mostly functions at their desks. It has been pointed out that prolonged sitting for most of the day and not getting enough exercise can be dangerous for one’s health if retained for […]

Moroccan red clay

Go natural with Moroccan red clay

Morocco is a country of many wonders. Aside from its fascinating culture, one of the things it is most popular for in the beauty department is the hailed argan oil that the world’s skin care experts are raving about. The fad of using this all-around beauty product has crossed the boundaries of the country where […]

healthier beards

Manly essential oils for healthier beards

For many years, the beard has been an emblem of masculinity for men. Their facial hair and rugged aura have been indicators that they are capable and competent. Their beard, matched with a proud and brawny physique is a distinct representation of their manly gender. Fact: Guys can have sensitive skin too. This can be […]

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness through Applications and Wearables

With all the technological advancements within the last decade, people have been given endless opportunities to make life easier. The incessant need to discover something new directed the human race into believing that there’s always something to improve on, even if it seemed that we have everything that we need for the moment. Technology has […]