air revitalizer

Change the way you breathe indoors through air revitalizers

Home is where we feel we are the safest. However, with all the risks of harm, this sanctuary should also receive an extra measure for us to be assured that things are in place and in proper order. Health wise, we understand how bad pollution is the moment we step outside our house’s door. Because […]

wrinkle formation

Sipping straw triggers wrinkle formation

Do you find sipping through a straw classy and lady like? I do. Aside from the fact that it prevents any potential liquid spills and keeping your lovely dress away from unwanted stains, it also makes sipping that strawberry smoothie easier. No doubt, the use of a straw makes partying and social interactions even more […]

Harmful FMD

Shield Your Family against Harmful FMD

We all thought that foot and mouth disease (FMD) only infects cattle and other livestock, but recent cases on children worldwide have made us all flabbergasted. Yes, the so-called foot, hand and mouth disease has been affecting kids from all over the planet and the numbers are rising as we move along the 21st century. […]

high expectations

Having high expectations can be beneficial too

As the saying goes, you get what you give. As working hard pays, humility shows us that expecting too much can become detrimental. Not meeting high expectations can eliminate motivation, which then leads to depression. While we are encouraged to dismiss greater expectations, there are still positive effects that we can get from it. Competitive […]


Cuddle and Snuggle with Your Favorite Bed Companion

Sleeping is something that we have to get adequate amount of. You basically cannot go from day to day without getting enough sleep because not only will this reduce your efficiency, it will also be the root of your problems. Simply put, sleep is not something that you cannot live without. This also the reason […]

Sleeping Patterns

Tailoring Sleeping Patterns to our Personal Lifestyles

Sleeping is the way for people to rest their tired bodies after a long day at work. It is through sleeping that the entire body recuperates from stress gained from the daily challenges of being ‘human’. We all get accustomed to the usual sleep cycle, which amounts to exactly eight hours every day. Technically dubbed […]

Concept of Weddings

A Fact Sheet about the Concept of Weddings – A Must-Read

One of the most festive and overwhelming occasions that a man and a woman undergo is the sanctimonious ceremony of getting married. All over the world, weddings are regarded as events brimming with love and never ending happiness. We can observe that almost everyone attending this ceremony are all smiles as it is just right […]