Let Loose With Your Beach Alter-Ego in Varna

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If you have an alter-ego who is easily enticed by the sound and smell of the beach, then don’t miss visiting Bulgaria’s most interesting coastal city, Varna. Soak up the sun and enjoy the glistening sea while taking a lazy stroll down Varna’s beautiful beaches and summer hotspots.

Truly living up to its name of being the most conducive city for swimming in the whole of Bulgaria, this beach-saturated town is surely a catch that you need to experience. , A day of relaxation is always possible in Varna, which is appealing due to the numerous beach resorts outlining the shores and the lengthy parks situated at the city center.

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Immerse yourself into its clear blue waters, eat heartily at the restaurants with their sizzling local delicacies and flip your usual beach getaway into something different and memorable.


With a vast land area spanning a total of 92-square miles, the city of Varna is surrounded by the Franga Plateau on its northern edge and the Avren Plateau to its south. Varna is met by the Black Sea through Varna Bay and Lake Varna.

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At about a stretch of 20 kilometers, the city is headed by a seaboard on its northern edge and 10 kilometers of sprawling and beautiful local houses. Some of the major cities nearest to Varna are Shumen, Dobrich and Burgas.


According to the Koppen Climate Classification, Varna is under the humid subtropical climate with noticeable influences of maritime and continental classes. Summers are quite a stretch in Varna starting from May until the last days of October with a temperature range of 18 to 28-degrees Celsius.

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The influence of being near a huge body of water also contributes to the resulting weather which is normally that of heat and humidity. The snow season can be felt starting November and can last until February. If there is no snow, the coldest months would start in December at 0.5-degrees Celsius and can span until February with a frigid mark of -1.1-degrees Celsius.


One of the most noted ways of travelling in and out of Varna is through the Varna International Airport which serves domestic and international flights. When getting around via sea travel, make smart use of the city’s Port of Varna Cruise Terminal with cheap rates and can easily transport you to nearby cities and towns. The Central Railway Station would be beneficial for you if your aim is to hop around Bulgarian cities such as Istanbul, Constanta, Sofia and Burgas.

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The sophisticated bus system is also a convenience to both locals and tourists as the terminals and routes can span as far as Ukraine, Russia and Georgia. Fleets of taxis can be found dotting the streets and can courteously drop you off at numerous travel spots that are within Varna. To get the full local effect, ride your way through a plethora of double-decker buses which strut around the city.

What to See

Primorski Park

Much like the famous Central Park, Varna’s very own version known as Primorski is a vast stretch of verdant space that serves as a place where locals and tourists can just sit down and relax with the city’s grand ambience.

Built in 1878, this 8-kilometer park faces the sea and several events are held here. You might just catch one if you’re extremely lucky.

Warship Druzki

Respecting their roots as a naval land, the Warship Druzki is an old museum built in 1912 which is now a tourist attraction.

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Now home to model ships, naval insignias and artifacts, uniforms and endless displays of everything nautical, this olden museum is one of a kind as you will see and feel the real deal of Varna’s naval roots.

Ethnographic Museum

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Varna is formerly known as a city where a lot of arts and crafts have been housed, hence the birth of the Ethnographic Museum. The very location of this arts and crafts house in an 1860s mansion and you’d be pleased enough to witness how Varna maintained their traditional and folk costumes, festival outfits and even the winemaking tools used by their natives.

Roman Baths

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One of the most famous places in Varna is the Roman Baths that is located within the city center. Though no longer functional, this place is now a bustling tourist attraction for those who want to see the ruins of these complexes dating as far back as the 4th century AD.

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