Learning the Act of Resilience and Succeed Through Life

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People will inevitably fail in something very once in a while. It can be an irksome revelation at work, an imminent failing grade at school or a petty quarrel with your Mom after binging on alcohol on a Friday night. People’s fear of failing is actually one reason why most get an unfavorable result at the end of the day, and people deal with this differently.

Normally, the archaic quote that ‘This too shall pass’ can be applicable here, and some people can recover from adversity by just using this specific, glorified mantra. But there are just some points in our lives when we are brought down to our knees, and we must be sensitive enough to know which workarounds to use during these times. To err is human they say, because the time after a life-altering failure is usually overlooked and this should be changed.

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Moving forward is the next best thing to do. While some might dwell over a failure, it would be best to focus on what someone could do differently next time. Gaining confidence again might take some time, and this step should be the start of it. If say, you failed to get that coveted office promotion, the next logical thing to do is to redeem yourself by setting another goal, developing new skills and focusing on a different path.

Having a light pep talk with some people would definitely help you out in sorting your thoughts. Getting advice and key points to remember from a person who has experienced the same scenario as you is like getting a douse of cold water. These people will also have a say on the repercussions that might come afterwards, and you need to believe them as they went through the same thing before you.

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After the trials, you should thank the heavens for the bright sun that will shine thereafter. Failing doesn’t necessarily mean that you haven’t enjoyed the journey, so be positive about it and be overwhelmed with the experience. Along the way, you will realize that you learned out something new, and this should be your starting point for a new goal.

Boost your self-confidence by picking up the pieces and stand mightily after everything. Shrug off that gloom and face the future with your head held high. Facing your failure upfront will help you ‘practice’ on how to deal with future hurdles and come off stronger than ever. Repetition is the key to learn and improve.

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The human brain tends to accept things easily if it is repeatedly reminded in different instances. It might look immature to constantly remind yourself, but this is one proven way to accept things as they are. Facing a failure will also let you reassess how far you’ve come with regards to self-development. Throw away all negativity and bitterness that might have clouded your head, breathe deeply and be comforted by the fact that losing won’t go on forever.

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