Kylie and Kendall to launch handbag collect

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The Jenner sisters proved that they are starting a fashion empire as they venture little by little into every corner of the industry. Aside from the fact that these young ladies proved their position as sellable endorsers, these two who rose from one of television’s most successful reality shows of all time turned out to be a brand of their own that fans have strong confidence for.

As A-listers, the Jenner siblings are definitely used to being surrounded by luxurious labels and are well versed on distinguishing between what’s high caliber from what’s not. This knowledge has been long established as their collaborations with some of the world’s high-end brands are piling up.

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What’s good about their Kendall + Kylie label is the fact that they make fast fashion more accessible and affordable to their consumers. While it is easy to create a luxurious line, the sisters opt for a low cost approach which is a win for both their brand and their shoppers. The label that started from selling only clothing has grown immensely as they also advanced into accessories including eyewear and kicks.

The new collection is made of 18 bags that provide a wide range of selection for the hip, young and stylish girls of today. There will be backpacks, clutch, satchels and bucket bags. The designs stick to embodying the signature aesthetic of Kendall and Kylie as shown in their most innovative fashion sense. As the collection is diverse in design and size, rest assured that consumers will have a long list of options that will definitely tailor to their unique needs.

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Price ranges start from $75 and the collection is expected to hit the market this August. Retailers who are confirmed to offer the brand’s bag collection include Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Shopbop.

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