Kate Spade goes squad on their 2016 campaign

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Kate Spade sets an all-star cast as the brand scouted not only the beautiful Jourdan Dunn but other interesting personalities as well. The always favorite brand decided to go with groups in their most recent campaign tapping Iris Apfel, Anh Doung, Karley Sciortino, Anh Duong and Robert W Richards.

Kate Spade went groupie because the latest theme pays tribute to the vibrant and busy city of New York. Dunn, who has always held a place in the brand’s line up of models once again proved that she is worthy of her spot in Forbes’ top earning models as she rocked the theme so flawlessly.

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Each photo embodies the distinct life found in New York. People who have spent their lives here will definitely relate to the campaign as it features New York staples like hotdog carts, newspapers, pigeons, flowers and dogs. Fashion wise, Kate Spade went semi-classic as each piece hints a touch of 60’s fashion.

The girly flare is always present on every piece that Kate Spade creates and their Spring collection did not disappoint as floral prints graced their current theme.

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See maxi coats and multihued stripes steal the show as well. The overall vibe is not only chic and stylish but laid-back as well. This is definitely the same style that New Yorkers exude in their everyday clothes. Known to be the cult favorite of ladies with ultra girly fashion, the brand’s latest ad will surely cling to the minds of women with the same fashion sense as Kate Spade.

It will not be surprising if racks will be sold out as they have already established a solid clientele that’s always true to the style that the brand embodies. The campaign was photographed by Emma Summerton.

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