Karl Lagerfeld is now an engagement ring designer

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If there’s one person that’s omnipresent in all corners of the fashion world today, it would have to be Karl Lagerfeld. Do not compare his name to other celebrities that have been launching lines here and there as his is a legitimate fashion authority that knows what works and what doesn’t in the ever changing field of fashion.

His expertise, vision and unquestionable taste when it comes to setting the next trend have been recognized making him the head of elite fashion houses including Chanel and Fendi.

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Overseeing clothing lines for two labels not to mention of his own can sound time consuming, but it is as if Lagerfeld has the luxury of getting more hours in a day as it was also announced that he will pursue the delicate field of weddings. As if fulfilling dreams of women through his creations are not enough, this designer has entered into the lives of ladies from all over the world in a more intimate manner when he decided to work on this latest venture that he’s in.

An engagement is deemed to be one of the most important chapters in a woman’s life and Lagerfeld is making it even more special by conceptualizing rings that would symbolize a woman’s transition toward marriage. Collaborating with Frederick Goodman, fashion’s supreme influencer launched his own line of engagement rings that’s intended to attract the contemporary taste of the millennials.

“The rings had to express something that concerns the heart and real feelings,” the designer mentioned on one of his interviews. “It has to be a symbol and a sign of a real wish of engagement. It has to be elegant but not bling-bling.” (Cited: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2016/05/31/karl-lagerfeld-engagement-rings/).

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Knowing Lagerfeld’s caliber, expect a high-end structure that’s screams class and elegance. So far, peeks into two designs have been made available to the public. These rings will be distributed in the United Sates, the UK, Canada and Australia.

The price range would start from $1, 000 to $10,000.The rings will be adorned with 18 karat white and yellow gold together with platinum.

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