It’s a mother-daughter tandem in the recent Calvin Klein advert

recent Calvin Klein advert (1)

Looking at the latest Calvin Klein watch and jewelry advertisement will make us believe that somewhere, there is a real Fountain of Youth.

Maintaining your younger look is not impossible as the captivating picture of the brand’s new campaign was able to convey a message that appeals to the senses.

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The powerful duo of mother and daughter Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz shows us a meaningful photo that says lots of meanings about an intimate connection between mother and child.

We know how deep and extensive this relationship can be and while there will be words out there to describe the level affinity between this specific kinship, no diction can best define how great it is. Everything else is just unjustifiable depiction.

In this recent campaign, Lisa and Zoe are captured holding hands with a beach backdrop on black and white. The reality is these two stunning women have a twenty-year gap in terms of age, but what’s surprising is how these two looked as if they were sisters.

Many are in awe as to how Zoe’s mom was able to maintain the youth in her appearance. Why, those who would take a quick glance at the photo would think these two are just sisters posing before the cameraman’s lenses.

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Shot by photographer Cass Bird, the brand’s latest campaign is entitled “Life in the now.” Highlighting the idea of a rich and timeless bond, the photo was able to encapsulate the endearing message of how personal a relationship is between bloodlines.

There is no better way of expressing it than catching a candidly good shot between family members. Zoe is Lisa’s first born with the singer Lenny Kravitz whom she separated with in 1993 after some years of being together.

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