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Busan is a Metropolitan City located in South Korea. It is the second largest city in the country, and the first international city in South Korea. It is also considered as the number one trading port in the country, it’s not just connects countries in Asia, but also in Europe and North America. The city is very famous because of its reputation in hosting international events like the 2002 14th Asian Games and FIFA World Cup and APEC 2005 Korea.

Korea’s largest beach and longest river, and the world’s largest department store are located in Busan. Local and Tourists often come to visit this city to also enjoy hiking and to visit the Buddhist Temples. Busan also offers several museums and historical buildings that show the rich history and culture of South Korea.


Busan Location(2)

Busan is situated on the Southeastern part of the Korean Peninsula. The location of Busan also shows why the city is very successfully and well developed because it is the city that is nearest of South Korea’s six largest cities to Japan.

The distance of Busan to Tsushima Island, Japan is just about 49.5 km, and to Fukuoka is just about 180 km. Busan also borders low mountains on its northern and western part, and while on the southern and eastern part is the sea.


Busan has a humid subtropical climate. The extreme high or low temperatures are very rare in this city. During the months May to July are the late springs and early summers that are usually cooler because of the ocean breeze that affects the city.

Late summers and early autumn are during the months of August and September these months are generally hot and humid. The city can also experience typhoons and generally rainy at a time.

Busan Climate(3)


Busan Transportation(4)

Busan’s International Gimhae Airport is located in Gangseo-gu, Busan. It is considered as the third most important airport in Korea. Gimhae airport is slightly old compared to Incheon airport in Seoul. However, it is still an active and busy airport with many scheduled flights every day. There are separate Domestic and International terminals next to each other.

Busan has daily International flights coming from different major cities in Asia like in Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Weihai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Xi’an, also in the Philippines that has direct flights to Manila, Cebu and Kalibo and also Vietnam in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. In addition to that, there are also flights coming from to Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Saipan, Macau and Hong Kong. And other European countries

What to See

Gwanggali Beach

Gwanggali Beach(5)

This beach is in Gwangan, Busan. It is 1.4 km long, 64m wide, and is famous for its fine sand. The water of this beach is pristine and clear that attracts tourist and also fishermen because you just can prepare raw fish dishes on the spot, right after you have caught the fish. This beach is also very famous for the restaurants, coffee shops and nightclubs.

The beach is also near the Busan Yachting Center, where tourists can rent yachts, enjoy water-skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, and more other exciting water sports and activities.


Busan Lotte Tower and the Museum of World Folk Instruments

The tower is located in front of Busan’s Yongdusan Park. It has 110 floors and a height of 1,675 feet tall. It makes the other buildings in the city very small because of its soaring height.

Busan Lotte Tower(6)

Also in the same location is the a two-story museum that showcases and instruments that are made from fruits, human knee bones and rat skin. Visitors of this museum can try playing the instruments.




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