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Some trends come and go, while there are few selected ones that manage to bounce back as if fashion is their favorite playground. With the advancement and genius lurking within the field of style and trends, it is a marvelous thing for a garment or an accessory to penetrate the mainstream. One of the most recent comebacks that has started to grow into addiction again is the beloved accessory called anklets.

Like its kin known as chokers, anklets have never really gone off the radar. But the approaching season of summer made them reverberate again even louder. The very timely coincidence of it being a trend once more is supported by recent exposures of anklets as an important accessory to make summer outfits look good.

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First, we have seen anklets brought to life again when they were included and strongly highlighted on The Row’s first ever jewelry collection back in 2011. Another fashion icon, Hailey Baldwin, wore this tantalizing accessory to a runway show in 2015, while huge brands Calvin Klein and Chloe saved a spot for anklets in their Spring 2016 collections.

Furthermore, people at Coachella for the last couple of years have never discounted the sophistication anklets can contribute to their hipster-bordering ensembles. Definitely a comeback that doesn’t need much publicity, anklets will certainly be part of your shopping list on the next few months.

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Always bear in mind that anklets are not just an ordinary accessory, but jewelry as well. Don’t be trigger happy and purchase all the anklets you lay your eyes on. Instead, be keen with the quality and brand you spend your money on. Go for anklets that you can pair with almost every type of summer ensemble you have in mind, and while it’s tempting to hoard on this accessory, it is better not to.

Sterling silver anklets work well for formal functions and casual activities. Also, fashion experts suggest that anklets can be paired perfectly with sandals plus your flowing sundresses and there’s a wide variety of choices and forms you can consider. Butterfly charms should be sported during laidback summer picnics and the gold variety works well with almost anything.

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As for brands, some of the options you might want to look at include Tiffany (Heart Tag Toggle), Jennifer Zeuner (Butterfly), Rebecca Minkoff (Beaded Crystal Anklet), Jacquie Aiche (Diamond Tassel Anklet), By Boe (Interlocking Circle Bracelet), Urban Outfitters (Summer Nights Anklet), Chloe (Janis Anklet), IAM by Ileana Makri (Leaf-Eye Gold-Plated Cubic Zirconia Anklet) and ASOS (Circles Anklet).

If in the event you decide to use an anklet as your core accessory, wear it with pride and don’t cover it with clothing. For some inspiration, you can pair this accessory with corduroy shorts and a checkered blouse, or lace your most head-turning sundress with a thin anklet.

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