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His soothing voice is food for the soul. The queer performer and critically acclaimed singer garnered attention due to his one of a kind style that made him a cut above most of the performers seen nowadays. Get to hear that unique voice once again through his single entitled ‘Tell Your Friends’, which created a buzz not only for listeners but music icons as well.

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His track Tell Your Friends is a story; a narration of the singer’s life. This describes his early years growing up in Canada. The growing-up stage isn’t about being sheltered and living a pampered life. He mentioned being engaged in drugs and minor thefts during his younger years.

“As soon as I stepped foot in the city, it was a feeling I got addicted to,” he told to Rolling Stone on one of his interviews. “Lights, no sleep — either you’re going to make it or die trying.” – The singer added. (Cited:

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The song is part of his second album named ‘Beauty behind Madness’. The video was set in a monotone vibe directed by Grant Singer. It’s nothing but dark surroundings that combined well with the striking words of the track. The sultry rhythm serves as a cushion to the harsh story that’s etched on the verses of the song. Armed with a shovel in a desert, some might find the video creepy especially in the scene where the singer seems to bury himself in the soil.

The words may be full of pessimism and truths about the rough road ahead, but we can probably relate to the singer’s personal experiences. The line ‘go tell your friends about it’ is what makes the chorus unforgettable. This repeated line will definitely stick to any listener’s mind and will linger for a certain amount of time on the playlist. The video ended maintaining the overall mood with The Weeknd riding a car and moving away in the same dark surroundings.

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