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Tracing its roots as far back as 2,600 years ago, the ancient city of Kerch in Ukraine is a budding place for travelers to pay attention to.

With all its Greek inclinations and as a witness to the downfall of humanity in World War II, Kerch is truly rising to be a developing city that boasts success in transport, tourism, commerce and industry.

Kerch is also home to dreamy sea fronts and the always-bustling city center, which signifies how lively it can be if ever you decide to visit.


Kerch would give you the ambiance of low-rise houses and the vintage vibe of locals going about their everyday lives.

With all the cultures imprinted upon this place, you could definitely expect diversity. Ready yourself for a roller coaster ride of tastes, sounds and sights, as Kerch is tugging at you for a worthwhile vacation.






Kerch is de jure under Ukranian rule and de facto under the Russian government. To keep things more exciting, Kerch is under the bed of the Crimean land scope with a total area of 42-square miles.

Geographically, Kerch sits on the Kerch Peninsula on the eastern edge of Crimea. The whole of Kerch is surrounded by an extensive body of water on all its sides and is currently populated by nearly 150,000 citizens.



Ideally, Kerch’s climate has cold winters and hot summers because it is classified under the humid subtropical class. The hottest months are attributed to June, July and August with 37.4-degrees Celsius as the highest recorded temperature all year round.

February is deemed to be the coldest month with an estimated -2.6-degrees Celsius that can stretch until the month of April. When it comes to rain showers, June is ironically the rainiest month, which accumulates 2.17 inches of precipitation, while the rest of the year drops in and out of the rain.

If you want to go on day trips, then visit Kerch in July as the sunshine hours are recorded at 334 hours for the whole duration of the month.



One of the most conventional ways of traveling in and out of Kerch is through their wide water systems. The ports available in Kerch are the Kerch Maritime Trading Port, Kerch Maritime Fishing Port, Kamysh-Burun Sea Portand and the port crossing named Port Krym.

The celebrated and frequently used Kerch Strait is key for most land transportation, which houses several domestic railroads and a mini-airport. Tramway services are found within the terminals of Kerch, Kerch I, Kerch Factory and Krym.

Some bus lines and networks would definitely be of help to tourists if they want to be transported in and out of Kerch to Krasnador Krai and Crimea.

What to See

Mithridates Hill


With a daunting 432 steps to get to the Mithridates Hill, the magnificent view at the summit would blow your leg aches away.

Once at the top, you’d be able to witness the beauty of the ancient city of Panticapaeum, along with other archaeological digs within the vicinity.

Melek-Chesmensky Kurgan


This tomb is encompassed with all the majestic urban legends, and this is one landmark that’s very famous within Kerch and the whole of Ukraine.

Said to be the tomb of a Bosporan Prince, this legendary spot in Kerch would surely be worthy of a photo snap, and the relaxing ambiance brought about by the surroundings will definitely make you approve of Kerch even more.

Tsarsky Kurgan


Adjacent to the city’s defense museum, the Tsarsky Kurgan is actually a monument that has been preserved from the 4th century BC.

It is somewhat out of place when you look at Kerch’s surroundings in general. This mound of a supposed tomb is actually a travel destination and the symmetry of on this area is truly Grecian in nature.


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