Having high expectations can be beneficial too

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As the saying goes, you get what you give. As working hard pays, humility shows us that expecting too much can become detrimental. Not meeting high expectations can eliminate motivation, which then leads to depression. While we are encouraged to dismiss greater expectations, there are still positive effects that we can get from it.

Competitive people will definitely understand this: setting the bar higher is a definite push to step up in the game. People who love challenges will see high expectations as a room for growth, thus the drive for higher goals is achieved.

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High expectations entail tall orders. This can prompt an individual to work harder and exceed the limitations of his former self. This is a form of manipulation that sets the mind of a person to reach a certain objective and accomplish it within a given time frame. While having great expectations puts an individual at greater risk of failing hard through nonfulfillment, imagine the elation it can give when the end product garners a positive result.

Having greater expectations also promote optimism. While it is true that putting high expectations on the line is a gamble, we cannot ignore the fact that the vibe of success brings out an encouraging push that forces us to work in an energetic manner.

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Expectations are the indications of intent and purpose. An objective is something that provides meaning and serves as a signal to apply force towards a destination of triumph. Expectations allow us to allocate a greater percentage of our lives towards the endeavor at hand.

While some people see it as something unhealthy, working at one hundred percent increases the chances of reaching goals at successful rate. In the end, whatever the outcome may be, the regret will be non-existent as the idea of doing your best abolishes this feeling.

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