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The pursuit of staying fit and healthy will not stop as the curtain of 2016 finally unveils itself. Make this new chapter a little better by living healthier while being trendy as this year brings you new ways of being well and staying in good shape.

While exercise plays a big role in having that perfect shape, the contribution of the food we eat is also another factor we have to consider to reach the optimum state of being healthy.

There is no doubt that food bars claimed the top spot when it came to popularity last year, and health enthusiasts rummaged grocery shelves just to get their own piece of the food that dominated the arena in 2015.

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2016 is mostly about upgrading and improving the healthy staples that are classic favorites of the health conscious.

We are accustomed to yogurt being mixed with fruit flavors to make the taste even more appealing, but the new year is creating a new twist as spices are about to take over.

Consider adding a dash of paprika, rosemary or cinnamon and have a more functional tummy in doing so.

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We know how beneficial green vegetables are. New trends suggest bypassing the chewing process and extract the chlorophyll directly instead.

This way, the essence of nutrients becomes as pure as it gets. Do not be amazed if some specialty coffee shops and yogurt houses add a chlorophyll infused option to their menu.

Studies say that having a dose of this breaks down fats faster and is rich in antioxidants– goodbye muffin top!

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Delivery meal kits will continue to live on and will gain even more popularity in accordance to the busy lives people have.

Not only is it convenient, especially for those who do not have time to prepare their own food due to demanding schedules.

The goodness of these ordered kits is that it tailors to the diet a person currently has. Nutritional chefs mostly offer this fad, which is why dieting and slimming will become even easier and faster.

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