Hail to the Capabilities of the Dragon Fruit


You don’t usually see dragon fruit in your conventional grocery as this is deemed to be always out of season. Usually grown in the tropical and subtropical areas of Asia and South America, this magical-sounding fruit doesn’t actually breathe fire—dragon fruits are actually more than awesome. If ever you’d chance by a dragon fruit at a nearby stand, you’d easily notice the cactus-like outer shell, which is associated with the mythical creature it is named after. It is commonly has vibrant green, red and pinkish spots that identify how the dragon fruit is full of nutrients.

You’d be surprised to see the inside and immediately associate the look to that of kiwis. Rather, it has white flesh with black seeds crowding the entire surface. Aside from the fact that its physical features would leave you in awe and intrigued, dragon fruits definitely have the right to be called super-food due to the numerous health benefits that they possess.

If you’re in dire need of maintaining or losing weight without compromising your taste buds for bland food, then grab a stash or two of dragon fruit whenever it’s around. This fruit has a very low amount of cholesterol making it easy to digest. Despite the fact that it is broken down by the body rather quickly, dragon fruit would not fail you in satisfying your taste buds. Unlike other fruits of its kind, dragon fruits are also leading sources of unsaturated fats, which aid in keeping your cardiovascular health at its peak.

Cholesterol levels in your body won’t change whenever you devour a piece of dragon fruit; rather it regulates the cholesterol rate in your body at acceptable levels. For those who have frequent issues in their digestion and bowel movement, the dragon fruit’s high fiber content would alleviate any type of abdominal pain and release toxins from the body in a natural way. The very flesh and seeds of dragon fruits are also rich in protein, which fortifies and satisfies your bodily needs. Consuming one dragon fruit daily would also detoxify you faster than eating well-known acai berries.

Sugar spikes and high sugar levels wouldn’t be an issue when eating dragon fruit due to the fiber content of the fruit. The antioxidants present in dragon fruits are also associated with keeping one’s skin tight and young, by simply mixing it with honey for your homemade facemask. Surprisingly, dragon fruit’s sap is also considered to be a good leavening agent to keep your colored and treated hair the way should to be.

The nutrients found in dragon fruit would basically open up your hair follicles and absorb all of the vitamins and minerals it can, which in turn would make it more healthy-looking. The high Vitamin C content also makes the dragon fruit a great topical ointment to cure your blaring acne and other skin problems. If you have a skin allergy or just recently acquired sun burn, you just need to make a paste out of the dragon fruit’s flesh, apply it on the affected area and wash it off with water. Lastly, dragon fruit is also known to be an anti-inflammatory agent, which tends to fight common repercussions of arthritis and joint problems.

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